3 Practices to Tap Into Your Intuition

Now that you know the primary ways your intuitive wisdom might be communicating with you, here are 3 simple practices you can use to help you tap into answers from your intuition to guide you in daily life.

Body Pendulum

You can use your own body as a pendulum to discern answers to yes or no questions in your life and tap into your clairsentience. You’ll be using your sacral chakra intelligence and your body’s own cues to get a yes or no to help guide your way forward.

This works especially well with body-based questions, such as whether certain foods or supplements would be beneficial for your body at that time or not, but it really can work with any question you have on your mind!

To practice this:

  • Stand up tall with feet flat on the floor.
  • Ground yourself first- envision roots coming down from your feet, and a cord dropping down from your root chakra to connect into the Earth.
  • Breathe and place your hands on your lower abdomen, over your sacral chakra.
  • Start with figuring out what both “yes” and “no” feel like in your own body by asking some questions or making statements you already know the answer to, such as “My name is ___”. “I live in ___.”
  • Notice what your body does when the answer is yes. Often people will feel a tilt or pull forward, or an opening, a lightness of some sort.
  • Notice what your body does when the answer is no. Often people will feel a tilt or push backward, a closing or constriction of some sort.
  • Once you’re clear on your own body’s signs for yes and no, start asking anything and everything your heart desires!
  • Play with this at first and take it with a grain of salt until you begin to trust the answers you’re receiving. When you trust it, you can use this technique to guide you through any decisions you have to make in life.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is simply the practice of asking a question you want to be answered, and then freewriting everything that comes to your mind. This is a great way to tap into your clairaudience.

You’ll want to do this with specific intentions and ask clear questions, and then just let your hands go and see what insights come out.

To practice this:

  • Ground yourself first, and then envision your crown chakra at the top of your head opening up, receiving a gorgeous golden light.
  • Grab your pen and paper or a device to type on, and start a blank note that begins with “Dear Guides,” “Dear Universe,” or “Dear Highest Self,”- whatever feels comfortable for you.
  • Then write down a question you have or a problem you’d like a solution to.
  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask for the answers to come through.
  • Then simply free-write. Write down everything in your head. Write down every thought you “hear”. Write write write until you feel like you can’t write anymore.
  • Read back through what you wrote and notice where your own ideas and opinions stop, and where intuitive insights come through.
  • Your intuition and guides speak in simple, clear language, always. It will be precise and direct. Notice too if your words change from first person to third at any point, and that can also be a clue as to when you’re receiving intuitive information from a higher source rather than it stemming from your own mind.

Guided Visualization

Your amazing imagination is the playground where you can interact and communicate with your intuition using clairvoyance. With the power of your mind’s eye and specific intentions, you can receive advice, ideas, and direction from the wisdom of your guides, highest self, and other energetic helpers.

The energetic world speaks through metaphor and symbolism, so much of the information that comes through clairvoyantly comes through colors, symbols, memories, and other visual elements that help jog the subconscious knowings you already hold.

As you visualize with the intent to receive intuitive guidance, it’s important to stay open and allow yourself to trust what comes. Often it’s helpful to imagine yourself meeting a spirit guide or your higher self to ask for their advice.

To practice this:

  • Sit or lay comfortably, take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.
  • Imagine yourself walking through a beautiful landscape in nature, just take in all the sights and sensations and see how clearly you visualize it.
  • Then imagine you come to a clearing where you’re going to meet your spirit guide (or whoever you’d like to ask questions to) and receive a message from them.
  • You arrive at the meeting place and wait for them to appear. Who or what will it be and what message will they have for you? Who knows! Let your imagination wander and just roll with it, let this be fun!
  • Then envision your guide, emerging and walking slowly towards you. Notice what they look like- it could be anything from a blob of light to a lost loved one to a mermaid or angel or imaginary creature. Let whatever comes to your mind come and try not to judge it.
  • Imagine the guide coming beside you and feel into their energy. Say what you want to say, ask them any questions you have and see what responses they have.
  • Then imagine your guide has a gift for you. They hand you this gift and ask you to open it after they leave.
  • They give you a warm embrace and then slowly walk away, and you start opening the gift they left. What does the gift look like? What’s inside? What does it mean to you?
  • Allow your subconscious to take it all in even if your rational mind is questioning things.
  • Breathe and open your eyes and take a moment to reflect on your experience, what you saw, what your guide said, what they gave to you and what it all means.
  • Let the symbols and things that don’t make sense now reveal their meaning to you and stay open as you walk through life in the coming days!

We hope this gives you a glimpse at how simple, fun, and easy it can be to learn to communicate with your intuition and receive the guidance you need.

The more you do these types of practices, the better you’ll be able to clearly receive and decipher intuitive insights as they come to you, so you can use them in your daily life! 

The main key for success is to lighten up and let yourself have fun as you play with your intuitive skills, and you’ll start to see how the insights you receive play out in your life, even if you don’t understand them at first.

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