4 Powerful Crystals to Manifest the Life You Want

Empaths are notoriously trying to escape the pain, discomfort, and overwhelm of being a human in a body, so we may get very airy, dreamy, and flakey as a protection mechanism to keep our sensitive selves safe from the big bad world out there.

But this creates an energetic imbalance where we may become so disembodied that it becomes a true struggle to get any real-world things done. The to-do list goes out the window and hiding under the covers all day snuggled up watching videos on your phone sounds like the best possible scenario for a day well spent.

But when that turns into day after day, and you struggle to get your feet on the ground, take care of your body and your responsibilities, then these are the crystals that can help you find more balance, and move into real-world action towards your dreams and the things you want to create for your life.


As a solar plexus chakra strengthener and energizer, citrine helps you be more positive and optimistic. It fires up your motivation to take action, to go out into the world and make things happen.

Empaths tend to get dragged down emotionally, not only by the weight of their personal problems but by feeling attached to everything that’s happening with the people around them and the world at large! Especially when we’re going through a worldwide crisis of some sort that feels so all-encompassing, it can be especially hard for an empath to detach from the communal angst and connect with joy.

That’s where citrine comes in. It brings in light and joy. It can reinvigorate your sense of optimism and help you connect with your positivity and humor, enabling you to feel more confident, and have more natural momentum to take action on your desires.

After you release the heavy emotions with crystals like black tourmaline or obsidian, as we talked about in the 7 Must-Have Crystals for Empaths, you can then use citrine to fill in the gaps with vibrant, golden light energy.

It’s a great stone to help lift you out of depression, fear, or negative spirals, realigning you with the light of your being and all the joy to be found in the present moment.


Jade is a wonderful, regenerative stone to nurture your heart, body, and bank account. Known for bringing in luck and abundance in every way you can imagine, jade nurtures growth, expansion, and your ability to step into the kind of life you truly desire and deserve.

When you feel stressed, drained, depleted, or stuck in a lack mentality, jade rejuvenates and recharges your physical energy through the solar plexus chakra, and brings your emotional energy back into balance through the heart chakra.

Also a great stone for anxiety, which many empaths suffer from, jade connects with the lungs and the element of air, helping you find your breath and restore a sense of balance in your body.

Whenever you feel nervous, worried or so overwhelmed that you can’t catch your breath, try holding a jade crystal up to your chest, or wear it as a necklace, close your eyes and take some deep breaths filling up your lungs.

Jade’s energy brings peace, safety, assurance, and calm. It helps bring you back into a state of abundance, where you can better see all the solutions to your problems and realize how much good you have available to you right here and now.

Lapis Lazuli

Another special stone for manifesting the life you want to create for yourself is lapis lazuli. Long considered a stone of mystics and healers, lapis lazuli awakens your inner vision and ability to see potential and possibility everywhere you look.

If your mind feels cluttered, if you’re unsure, or feel like you don’t even know what your purpose is or what you want for your life, lapis lazuli can help you clarify and get connected with a true and empowered vision for your life.

Then once you have the vision, lapis lazuli helps you take real-world action towards your goals and big dreams, with its inclusions of sparkling pyrite running through in ripples of gold. This combination of higher vibratory blue and white colors, with a grounding golden hue, is what helps bring your creative ideas into physical reality.

Lapis lazuli is also an excellent throat chakra balancer, empowering you to find and use your voice and take action towards the things that bring you true happiness and joy, rather than letting other people’s ideas, wants, and wishes for you sway your direction.

When you’re ready to grab the reigns of your life and move boldly in your own direction, lapis lazuli can help you steer the way.


Last but not least, one of the most powerful manifestation stones of all is garnet.

Garnet is incredibly grounding, empowering, and soul-strengthening. It’s a stone with a warrior spirit that helps you find your footing and hold your ground.

Whenever you feel pushed around in life, swayed by emotional waves, or insecure, garnet can help you connect back with your body, find strength and resilience and embolden your confidence in yourself.

It’s an empowering and balancing crystal for your root chakra that helps whenever you feel fearful, lonely, or lacking for something.

Garnet also can help you release past emotional pain and trauma, and reconnect with the strength and fortitude you carry within you, so you feel the courage to act boldly and fiercely towards whatever you desire in life.

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