5 Crystals to Harness Spring Equinox Energy

The spring equinox heralds much more than just the beginning of spring. Energetically, it is the new year, the beginning of the zodiac wheel, it’s a time for rebirth and reemergence from a cold dark winter.

You can utilize this energy, as the light grows each day, to help you grow as well, and to spring into life the new creations and ideas and plans that have been cultivating within you all winter long.

To make the most of this powerful energy of renewal and growth, here are 5 crystals that are a beautiful match for the energy of spring, to help you sprout new seeds in your life and watch them grow and flourish as the year progresses.


The color of green grass under a big blue sky, emerald is an amazing crystal to foster growth, abundance, health, and vitality on all levels.

It’s detoxifying and reinvigorating, to help you release harmful thoughts, emotions, and physical toxicity, so you can start spring off on a new foot, ready to run towards your goals. 

Emerald has empowering, encouraging energy that motivates you to succeed and also to share the wealth when you have it, with a wide smile and wide-open heart.

It stimulates the thymus gland and heart chakra, supporting the immune system, clearing the lungs, allowing you to catch your breath and be in the present moment, open to all the abundance and possibilities that lie right in front of you.


The color of a fluffy pink cherry tree just bursting into bloom in the spring, morganite is a soothing pink crystal with gentle, loving energy to help bring out the kindness and compassion in you.

An emotionally uplifting stone, morganite can soothe your heart after loss or upset and help you release everyday stress and tension, relieving the sense of inner pressure.

Morganite’s energy brings love into all the cracks and crevices of your life, filling your aura and helping you find more acceptance, patience, and compassion in all your relationships.

It’s a stone that fosters forgiveness, to help you move forward from past trauma and struggles to create a new life story centered around love. For joy, peace, and vibrancy, morganite spurs healing and personal growth.

Red Jasper

An energetic and grounding stone, red jasper holds the powerful energy it takes for a sprout to break through the seed and burst through the soil to find the sun.

It’s a stone of action, courage, endurance, and vitality. When you need a little pep in your step, more power and confidence, or are feeling too in your head, red jasper connects you back to the energy of the Earth, to the support of nature, activating your root chakra and grounding you into the present moment.

Carrying a fiery Aries energy, red jasper helps fire up your own inner desires and spurs you towards real-world action to make them happen. It’s a great stone to have by your side as you’re creating new things, working on projects, exercising, or any activities where you need more physical stamina and strength.

Blue Lace Agate 

In its soft blue striations like a cloud-dotted sky in spring, blue lace agate is a gentle throat chakra activator to help you communicate clearly and confidently.

With a nurturing quality, this is the crystal to reach for to help break down the chains that have been held around your self-expression, allowing you to speak your truth with compassion and grace. 

If you’ve been suppressing emotions or holding things back so as not to feel overwhelmed, blue lace agate can help you express and release what has been repressed in a gentle, easy way, allowing you to move past old patterns and blocks, and begin to trust yourself more.

Herkimer Diamond

Related to the birthstone for April-born babes, Herkimer diamond is not actually a diamond but rather an extremely clear and powerful quartz crystal found only in Herkimer County, New York. 

Its stunning clarity brings clarity to your life, directing light into all the places where there’s darkness, confusion, fog, or doubt. Use it to clear negativity from your entire energetic field, as you welcome in more and more light into your mind, body, and spirit, just as the spring equinox brings in more and more light to the Earth. 

Herkimer diamonds are powerful amplifiers of energy, which can work to amp up the healing benefits of any of the crystals mentioned above, or any you already have in your collection.

This is a crystal of action, of forward movement, of progression, to help you find direction and stay clear and focused on all you want to cultivate in your life.

May you use this powerful energy of the spring season, and these gorgeous crystal friends, to usher in new opportunities for growth and change as you bring more light into your life!

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