5 Empath Protection Tips for Everyday Life

It can be confusing and draining to walk around the world as an empath, absorbing all the emotional energy around you.

You can easily get to a point where you’re feeling too many different things, thinking too much at once, and can’t even decipher which thoughts and feelings are yours, and which ones you’ve picked up from others.

This is what ultimately leads to a lack of confidence or self-esteem, as it’s a point of disconnection with yourself.

To remedy this and bring back your relationship with yourself as front and center, so that you can move and act in the world as the radiant light-filled being you truly are, it’s essential to protect yourself.

In this instance, we’re talking about energetic and emotional protection techniques.

These are techniques to help you contain your essential energy, to maintain your sense of self, and heighten your awareness of your instincts and intuition so you can act accordingly.

If you’re tired of feeling enmeshed with the world around you, of carrying the weight of everyone else’s problems, and of feeling exhausted and depleted at the end of every day, these 5 empathic protection tips are exactly what you need to feel more balanced and empowered in your life!

  1. Avoid Energy Drains

    You have to get real with yourself and be honest about the things you’re doing each day, and the relationships you’re taking part in, that consistently drain your energy.

    Take stock of everything that makes you feel depleted, low, worthless, frustrated, or overwhelmed in your life. Look at it from a long lens and allow yourself to see how you can shift, fix or remove these energy drains from your life.

    When you cut out the things and people in your life that always feel negative, that drag you down, that make you feel bad about yourself or hopeless about the world, you will make a dramatic difference in your ability to hold your center, to trust yourself and be in deeper connection with your own authentic feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.
  1. Ground & Center Yourself

    If you can’t interact with the world without getting swayed and pushed around by all the energetic forces in it, it is absolutely essential for you to have a daily grounding practice.

    Sit with yourself, notice your breath, put your hands on your lower belly or your thighs and imagine roots growing down from the bottom of your feet, deep into the Earth itself.

    There is a stable connection and support system that’s always beneath your feet- plug into it.

    This is where your security and strength stem from, your resilience and power, and it’s always accessible when you’re grounded, rooted, and connected with your body and the present moment.

  2. Shield Your Energy Field

    Imagine a white or golden light above your head and see its light flowing out in all directions and draping itself over your energy field, or aura, encasing your entire body from above your head, to below your feet, with an energetic shell.

    Feel this energetic shield like a bubble surrounding you in all directions, and breathe. Feel its light moving slowly down from your head all the way to your toes, releasing and clearing any dark, stuck or stagnant energy along the way.

    Do this before you’re going into public places or any situation that normally induces anxiety or drains you. This is an essential practice to use anytime you don’t want to absorb the energy of all those around you. Try it again and again and notice how you feel.

  3. Use Crystals

    Wear or carry crystals with you daily. They are some of the best tools and helpers for your energetic and emotional well-being to help you feel clearer, confident, and more empowered within yourself.

    There are some specific stones that are great for empaths to help you stay grounded and not absorb the energy of other people. Look for dark-colored stones in particular, like black tourmaline, obsidian, hematite, or tiger’s eye.

    Red crystals like ruby, garnet, or red jasper are also great root chakra activators to help you find strength and feel secure in yourself.

    Green stones like malachite or jade can heal an aching heart when yours feels too full or is in pain.

    Purple and white crystals like amethyst, selenite, and lepidolite can help uplift your spirits and mindset when you’re overwhelmed or feeling low.

    Check out our 7 Must-Have Crystals for Empaths article for more info and suggestions!

  4. Use Sound Healing

    A phenomenal way to shift your frequency of energy, sound healing can help clear your whole being of negative, heavy, and stagnant energies, and helps you connect with your body and your center.

    Sound healing can mean a range of things, from listening to binaural beats in the morning to help you wake up and focus, or at night to help you relax and sleep better.

    It could mean turning on your favorite music and dancing for 10 minutes to get your blood flowing and boost your mood.

    It could be laying down and breathing while listening to nature sounds, or a singing bowl, and imagining dark, gooey, icky energy leaving your body and healing light taking its place.

    We have a whole post that delves into different sound healing techniques if this is something that appeals to you! 

If you can incorporate these 5 simple and accessible things into your daily life, you’ll start to notice the difference in how you take on energy from other people.

You’ll begin to feel more empowered, more secure, and more connected to your own motivations, desires, and needs so you can be the captain of your ship in life and steer yourself where you want to go!

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