7 Must-Have Crystals for Empaths

Crystals are amazing tools for empaths to use in everyday life to help you create more balance, get grounded, and relieve anxiety and stress.

And since we empaths are so easily affected by the energies around us, we’re more open to perceiving the energetic shifts that crystals can create, which is why so many empaths love to wear and collect (er, hoard) crystals!

Let’s take a look at 7 must-have crystals for every empath to have in their collection and some ways they can help you in daily life.

Black tourmaline

For grounding and protection, black tourmaline is an essential stone for every empath. It’s the ultimate absorber of negative energies and low vibrations.

A great crystal to keep in your space, black tourmaline will sop up any icky energy like a sponge and keep your environment feeling safe and comfortable for you.

You can wear or carry it when you know you want to protect your energy, like in an airport or crowded place, a social situation you know might drain you, or during an emotional conversation.

The energy of black tourmaline can become heavy and intense for sensitive empaths though, so it’s a crystal you’ll want to use more for specific grounding and protection purposes, rather than wearing all day long every day. Make sure you cleanse this one after each use.


Another black grounding stone, obsidian, is the perfect everyday aid for an empath to wear or carry, with gentler energy than black tourmaline, but many of the same benefits. Rather than absorbing lower vibrations, it deflects them away from you like a shield.

Obsidian is also very emotionally connected, to help you find balance through the waves of life and learn to differentiate between which emotions are yours to process, and which ones you’ve picked up from others that you can simply let go of.

When you need help to release and clear out all the energy that doesn’t belong to you or are ready to reflect on and process your emotions, obsidian will be a great aid for you. Wear or carry a piece whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or for everyday emotional balance.


This sparkling purple stone, lepidolite, is an empath’s best friend to release mental anguish, anxiety, depression, and low feelings.

When all the emotions you’re carrying start to feel heavy and burdensome, lay down with a small lepidolite stone on your forehead, heart, or in each hand. Breathe and imagine yourself surrounded in a shell of sparkling purple, healing light.

Its energy is uplifting, nurturing, and comforting to help you relax your mind, body, and soul. When you want to find more ease and clarity through all your swirling thoughts and emotions, reach for lepidolite.

It’s also a wonderful crystal to open your crown chakra to help you receive guidance from your highest self and the energetic realms.


Sacral chakra balancing is especially important for empaths, as this chakra in our lower abdomen is where we receive, transmit and store emotional energy. Carnelian is an amazing crystal to use to bring balance to the sacral chakra, that will help you create and maintain strong energetic boundaries.

It’s the crystal to reach for when you need energy, confidence, and courage. Carnelian can strengthen your sense of self and your ability to tap into your personal feelings, desires, wants, and needs, rather than picking up on everybody else’s emotions.

When you feel drained of energy, hold a carnelian stone in your hands, or place one on your lower abdomen, to restore your vigor and help you fill your inner well of vitality back up.

Carnelian’s energy will help you be of better service to all the people in your life and the things you want to create in the world!


An essential crystal for everyday energy clearing, cleansing, and upliftment, selenite is an important tool for every empath. When you use dark stones, like black tourmaline or obsidian, to release heavy, stagnant, and stuck energy, you can use selenite afterward to fill all the voids back up with pure light.

Selenite’s energy is calming, bright, serene, and peaceful. You can use it on your body or in your space to clear your aura and physical environment of low vibes.

The cleansing energy of selenite is actually so powerful, you can use it to clear and recharge all the other crystals in your collection! Simply place them in a selenite bowl or charging plate overnight, and they’ll be ready for action the next day.

Selenite is one of the best stress-relieving stones to have on hand. Try holding a palm stone on your chest when you feel anxious, or on your head when your mind is swirling. You can also use a selenite wand to sweep around your body whenever you come home, to clear your aura of any energies you’ve picked up from the outside world.

Rose quartz

Empaths are very emotionally connected with wide-open hearts that can get bruised easily. Rose quartz can help you refill and reconnect with all that love in your heart whenever it feels drained.

It also encourages self-love, self-connection, and self-care to help you nurture yourself and love yourself more. When the emotional weight you’re carrying becomes a burden, or you feel like you’re continually putting other people’s wants and needs before your own, rose quartz is the stone to reach for.

Hold rose quartz over your heart and imagine it filling your inner well of love back up so you can spill it onto others from an overflow, rather than giving it all away and depleting yourself in the process.

You can lay with rose quartz on or around your body, take a bath with it, or wear or carry it with you throughout the day to stay surrounded by its comforting, loving energy.


A root chakra strengthener and grounding stone, garnet will help you tap into your personal power and confidence.

Garnet is a body and mind strengthener to recharge you when you’re feeling drained or exhausted. Use it to help you rebuild your energy back up, brick by brick. It’ll get your blood moving, increase your stamina, shift you out of your spinning mind and back into your powerful body.

When you’re feeling low, insecure, or unmotivated, wear or carry garnet to find the strength to tackle whatever life throws at you. It’s especially helpful to stick a tumbled stone in your pocket, or wear a garnet ring or bracelet, so it can be closer to your root chakra to affect it throughout the day.

These are just a few of the beautiful crystals that can help empaths in everyday life. We’ll share another post soon with more powerful stones that can help you unlock all the magical qualities that empaths naturally possess.

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