8 Empowering Affirmations for Empaths

There is one main difference between a disempowered empath who finds themselves pushed and pulled by all the energies out there, and an empowered empath who uses their sensitivity as a gift to steer them through life.

What’s that difference?

How they think about themselves.

It’s their mindset, their self-perception, and their subconscious belief system.

A disempowered empath feels overwhelmed and often debilitated by their sensitivity, finding it a burden that makes it hard to move through the world, wanting to retreat, avoid and hide away in self-protection.

An empowered empath feels confident and clear, they have strong boundaries and know how to use them, and they’re able to use their innate sensitivity to move more freely and easily through the world, ever-connected to their intuition and emotional awareness.

The key to evolving from one to the other lies in creating a new belief system within the subconscious, releasing the disempowering behaviors and patterns, and adopting a new way of being and expressing yourself in the world.

One very simple way to do just that is through affirmations.

So, if you’re ready to move from a disempowered empath who feels overburdened by the weight of other people’s emotions, into an empowered empath who is strong and free, here are 8 affirmations for you to recite daily to help you change your life.

8 Empowering Affirmations for Empaths

  1. “I release the emotions that are not mine to hold.”

    This is the first place to start for an empath as we tend to not only absorb other people’s emotional energy but also hold onto it, creating blockages, heaviness and overwhelm in our energetic system.

    Take a moment to breathe, with your feet flat on the ground, and say this to yourself. Do this as many times throughout the day as you need to.
  1. “I honor my sensitivity and protect my energy.”

    A large part of an empath’s problematic relationship with their sensitivity comes from being told they’re “too sensitive” or “over-emotional” for most of their lives.

    This can make you subconsciously want to hide how sensitive you are, burying it into your shadow, turning your innate gift into a detriment rather than a strength.

    When you say you honor your sensitivity, you begin to take your power back. Protecting yourself is just part of honoring that power.

  2. “I am safe.”

    This simple statement is profound when it finally feels true for you, as we empaths can spend most of our lives feeling unsafe to fully be ourselves in this harsh world.

    By rewriting into your subconscious mind that you are safe, it helps you step into your inner strength, open your heart, and finally release the blocks and pain that’s been held within you.

  3. “I am enough.”

    So many of our limiting subconscious beliefs are formed around the basis of not being enough of something.

    This “not-enoughness” can carry into every area of our lives, making us more likely to people please, sacrifice ourselves for others, and go out of the way to receive validation and approval from those around us.

    This is the affirmation to help you start to validate and approve of yourself, which is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself.

  4. “I deserve to be seen and heard.”
    As sensitive souls, empaths can be soft-spoken and are sometimes feeling so many different things at once that it can feel hard to express them.

    If you’re an empath who has felt talked over and walked upon your whole life, saying this affirmation daily can help lift you out of hiding your opinion or voice for the sake of keeping the peace or appeasing others.

  5. “It’s okay to say no.”
    How often do you say yes to things you don’t really want to do?

    How often do you find yourself engulfed in the drama and pain of other people’s problems, being the shoulder to cry on, the listening ear, or the support to help guide them?

    And how often does this leave you feeling totally drained and overwhelmed?

    You don’t have to fix other people’s problems. You don’t have to feel their pain for them. You don’t have to say yes to all the things.

    It’s not only okay to say no, it’s imperative, for your own personal health and balance.

  6. “I allow my intuition to guide me.”

    When we’re stuck in our heads, it can be easy to become a mess of confusion, criticism, and emotion as your mind is a receptive sponge to all the different energies out there.

    When you consciously move your awareness out of your mind, into your intuition, into your gut knowing, and begin to trust the wisdom of your heart and soul rather than what your mind has to say, you will walk into a much smoother and brighter future.

  7. “I am divinely protected at all times.”

    A lot of the debilitating aspects of being a sensitive person in this world come from our own behavioral patterns of self-preservation and protection, where we armor our hearts so as not to get hurt, or hide away from the world in our own little caves.

    When you can rewrite that belief of fear into the knowledge that you are forever divinely supported and protected at all times, it helps you lower your armor to experience life, love, and joy more fully, and start noticing all the signs and messages from nature and spirit all around you.

Say these affirmations daily, perhaps multiple times daily, whenever you need the reminder. Try reciting these during mirror work to make some huge life-changing shifts!

As you say them to yourself, notice the critical voices and emotions coming up to the surface, the arguments and old beliefs chiming in from your mind, and allow them to release into the wind as they are no longer serving you.

The more you say these affirmations, the more they’ll start to have an effect on your subconscious mind. And once you truly believe these things about yourself, you will become one unstoppable, empowered empath!

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