8 Steps for Powerful Mirror Work

Mirror work helps you dig deeper into your soul and shadow, to create more confidence and self-worth, and increase your manifesting magnetism!

It’s an act of looking beyond your physical appearance, into your soul’s essence. When you communicate with this deepest part of yourself, it can bring incredible healing.

Mirror work is looking into your energy and your essence, helping you better understand yourself and how you’re perceived by others, and revealing insightful reflections about yourself.

All you need to do mirror work is:

  • A mirror
  • An open mind
  • A private, quiet space

It doesn’t matter what size mirror you use- full length can be great if you have one. If you have a mirror with at least a chest-up view of yourself, that will allow you to have your heart space in view which can help allow you to come from your heart. But even a tiny pocket mirror is great to use for mirror work if it’s what you have. Use what’s handy and easily accessible.

You’ll need an open mind because it feels a little awkward and embarrassing to stare at yourself and talk to yourself in the mirror, especially at first. Let yourself laugh and feel weird about it, but keep rolling with it. You’ll start to see the beneficial effects it brings and soon it won’t feel awkward at all. It’ll be like talking to a friend.

This is basically what mirror work is about at its cruxlearning to talk to yourself and acknowledge yourself like you’re your own best friend.

It’s about learning to love, accept and support yourself at both a physical and soul level. It helps you gain a deeper sense of who you are, of the strength and beauty you hold, and the power you have to create exactly what you want for your life. All just by taking time to connect with yourself in the mirror. It’s definitely worth a try, huh?

Make sure you have a private place where you’ll be undisturbed for at least 5-10 minutes to practice mirror work. This is between you and yourself, self-care time to get to know and love yourself more.

Find ways to incorporate mirror work into your daily routine, each morning when you wake up or before you go to bed, or before you step into the shower are good times to practice. When you start to make it a regular habit is when it becomes life-changing.

8 Steps for Practicing Powerful Mirror Work

  1. Make eye contact
    Make eye contact with yourself in the mirror and say hello. Really look into those eyes, the windows to your soul.

  2. Reflect on yourself
    Simply gaze at yourself for a few minutes. You may notice immediately the critical thoughts popping in, reflecting back how you feel about yourself. Mirror work exposes the vulnerable places within you, your shadows and shame.

  3. Listen to your inner voice
    This inner critic is like the troll at the footbridge for your soul’s growth, and you have to answer his riddle to get to the other side. This is where the work part of mirror work comes in, as you begin to bring mindful attention and compassion to address the mental troll.

  4. Affirm yourself
    You can do this through affirmations, stating loving words towards yourself as you meet your own eyes in the mirror. Reach for affirmations that ring true for you, that you can feel in your soul.

    ~ “I’m learning to accept myself.”
    ~ “I’m practicing treating myself with kindness.”
    ~ “I’m open to loving myself more fully and deeply.”
    ~ “I am exactly who I need to be in this moment.”
    ~ “Every day I learn more about my gifts and purpose.”
    ~ “I am worthy of love.”

    Check out 8 Empowering Affirmations for Empaths here for more ideas.

  5. Allow yourself to feel
    Repeat your chosen affirmations to yourself over and over again for a few minutes, out loud or in your mind, as you look at yourself in the mirror. Be mindful of the emotions and sensations that rise to the surface as you do this, but don’t attach to them. Let them flow through you.

  6. Let go of the shadows
    If you feel triggers and pain rising up as you do this, it’s a good sign, do not run away, you’re unearthing the shadows. Allow yourself to cry, to feel, and look at yourself while you do it. Be honest and vulnerable, and allow yourself to release the burdens you’ve been holding onto, many likely since childhood.

  7. Process your experience
    Take a moment to breathe and settle back into your body after this practice. Maybe journal or record yourself speaking about how you felt during it, what memories and emotions came up, what affirmations you used, and anything that feels pertinent to you. This will help you become more aware of how you change along the journey.

  8. Practice, practice, practice
    Come back to this again and again, make it a regular daily habit, and watch yourself shed all the layers that are not your true self as you grow and grow into the most authentic you. Keep track of your growth and notice the differences in yourself as you do this work.

The more open and honest you get with yourself as you do mirror work, the more layers of self-criticism you’ll shed, the brighter you’ll glow, the more magnetic you’ll be, and the more beautiful life you’ll be able to create for yourself!

How you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror is the image you reflect into the world. It’s your perception of yourself, and when this changes, what you attract into your life also changes. Whatever you’re putting out there comes right back to you.

Focus on changing how you feel about yourself, and you’ll change your entire experience of the world. That’s the beautiful power of mirror work!

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