How to Feed Your Empathetic Body, Mind, and Soul

Should empaths be eating a specific diet? If being highly empathetic and energy sensitive can affect so many things about our day-to-day lives, then certainly the foods we consume do too.

Understanding the energetic connection between our food and our empathetic spirits is as important as understanding the metaphysical undercurrent between us and others.

This is because everything we ingest contains the energy of how it’s grown, harvested, prepared, and by whom. So, as a general rule of thumb, eating higher-vibing foods prepared with love makes the most sense though it is easier said than done. Nevertheless, you are an energy reader of the highest regard, and food has energy too.

Here are a few things to pay attention to…

Suppose your food has been processed by machines inside factories owned and operated by profit-driven people (pre-packaged junk foods). If you consume that, you also eat the energy of greed along with toxic preservatives, pesticides, colorings, and flavor enhancers.

Also, when you eat meat or byproducts of a factory-farmed animal, then you are also eating the remains of growth hormones, antibiotics, and so on, and energetically you’re consuming the energy of the suffering that animal may have gone through. This is why you will often find vegans in the empath community.

But this isn’t always the case. It can also be said that the energy of a wild or well-cared-for animal vibrates much higher though that animal’s life is still taken to provide that sustenance. However, the choice of whether to eat animal products or not is up to each individual.

To the Contrary…

When you eat organic vegetables and fruits, you absorb the stable equilibrium of the root vegetables, the bright essence of colorful plants, and the energy of the organic farmer who likely cares about his produce more than mass-produced profit-focused farming practices.

Empaths and HSPs must consider the energy in everything, including food. You will feel better and be more vibrant eating higher-vibration organic foods, low to no gluten, and much less or no refined sugars.

Will those pre-packaged sweets make life sweeter? Are you overindulging to fill an emotional void? Food nurtures our own energy; that is its purpose. Eat to live instead of live to eat, and nourish your body with the most life-giving and radiant food energies you can find.

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