Why Empaths Need to Know their Moon Sign & What Yours Says About You

When we think of astrology, we typically associate ourselves with our sun sign, which is where the sun was at your moment of birth. The sun represents your outward personality, the side you show to the world, but it does not give you the whole story about who you are.

There are many other celestial bodies that have an effect on us, and one that’s of utmost importance for empaths to look at is your moon sign!

Your moon sign is determined by what zodiac sign the moon was in at the moment of your first breath. The moon moves into a different zodiac sign every 2 ½ days, while the sun takes 30 or so days to change signs, so your moon’s placement makes a huge difference in who you are as a whole person.

The moon, in astrology, represents our intuition, our subconscious, and our emotions. As an empath, knowing your moon sign can give you more depth into understanding your own inner workings, how to break through fears and blocks, and how to find more emotional balance.

If you don’t know what your moon sign is, you’ll need your place and time of birth to assess it accurately. You can search online for “moon sign calculator” to find a site where you can plug in your info and see what your moon sign is.

Then read below to get to know more about what your specific moon sign means for your life as an empath!

Moon in Aries

As an Aries moon, you’re confident and courageous, guided by your heart. But, when out of balance, you can tend towards aggression and anger, feel bored and restless, and have fiery reactions to your triggers.

You’d do well to channel your emotional energy into physical action, things that take effort and exertion, that make you sweat and get your heart pumping. Seek out new adventures, challenge your body & stay strong in order to stay emotionally balanced.

Moon in Taurus

With a moon in Taurus, you really need to feel safe and comfortable in your surroundings, in order to feel emotionally secure. You like predictability but can tend to get stuck in the mud, finding it difficult to change what’s not working.

When you’re stuck or stressed, tune into your senses, everything you can feel, touch, taste, see and smell. Indulge in some simple pleasures that can bring you joy in the moment, and remind you of all the goodness that’s available to you.

Moon in Gemini

As a Gemini moon, you are bright, curious, and adaptable. When out of balance, you can feel emotionally scattered or unable to focus or get things done, tending towards anxiety and avoidance.

It’s very important for you to learn how to communicate your emotions, either verbally or through journaling or other creative means. Expressing them is what will help you move them out of your body and psyche.

Moon in Cancer

The moon is at home in Cancer, and home is exactly where you like to be! You need comfort, cuddles, and people you feel safe with. You’re very empathic naturally and can tend towards emotional overwhelm, wanting to retreat, or snapping when stressed out.

You really need a safe space where you can feel your feelings, cry, shout and express yourself, in order to release all the emotional energy you’re holding. You must let the emotions flow, feel them and release, like an ebb and flow, to find balance.

Moon in Leo

With a moon in Leo, you are warm and generous, you love to feel seen and heard, and you wear your heart on your sleeve. When out of balance, you can be fiery and overly dramatic or feel a constant need for approval from others.

It is essential for you to play, be creative and have fun. When you’re out of balance, do something that reminds you of being a kid, go crazy and wild, dance, make a mess. You can transmute your emotions through creative action.

Moon in Virgo

As a Virgo moon, you are analytical and tend to process emotions by thinking them through, but that can get you stuck in your head. You have high integrity and values, but can be overly critical and dismissive when emotionally unbalanced.

You like structure and knowing what to expect, and would do well to establish a daily routine of energy clearing or emotional release practices so that processing your feelings becomes a regular habit you can look forward to.

Moon in Libra

With a moon in Libra, you value harmony, peace, and balance, you want everyone to just get along, but you can tend to sweep your own emotions under the rug and let other people’s wants and needs take priority, ending up feeling resentful.

To create more emotional balance, you need to practice centering yourself, getting grounded, and moving out of the mind and into your heart. Learning to trust yourself can become your greatest life asset.

Moon in Scorpio

As a Scorpio moon, you are highly intuitive and very deep. You possess great emotional capacity, but when you get overwhelmed, it can turn into possessiveness, obsession, and controlling behavior.

You need to have healthy practices to express your emotions, and relationships that allow you to be real, go deep, and show who you truly are. When you feel safe to let your vulnerability show, you become even more powerful.

Moon in Sagittarius

With a moon in Sagittarius, you have a deep yearning for freedom and adventure. When this need feels squelched, you can become arrogant, too blunt with your opinions, and a bit reckless.

To feel more in balance, you need some excitement and adventure in your everyday life, the thrill of learning or doing something new. Try a new exercise routine, a hike in a beautiful location, and things that get your blood pumping to move icky energy out.

Moon in Capricorn

As a Capricorn moon, you are innately responsible and diligent, and may be a bit emotionally reserved. When out of balance, you can seem cold or callous, or too concerned with material resources.

When you can move out of your pragmatic mind and into your wide-open heart, you unleash your natural intuitive qualities and become more receptive, allowing you to attract more good things into your life without you having to work so hard for them.

Moon in Aquarius

When you have an Aquarius moon, you are wide-open to possibilities with a unique and forward-thinking perspective. This may sometimes have you feeling like you don’t belong though, tending towards anxiety, loneliness, or emotional detachment.

To ensure your sense of belonging in the world, it’s important to do grounding practices and get into nature, and to foster your sense of community in whatever ways possible. And take time to sit with and discern your feelings, rather than brushing them aside.

Moon in Pisces

A Pisces moon placement means you are imaginative and dreamy with a wide-open heart. This can be an extremely empathic placement where you take on emotions not only from those around you, but from the entire collective.

It’s very important for you to do cleansing and clearing practices, and to learn to discern your own feelings versus those you’ve absorbed from others. Grounding daily can keep you from floating away into avoidance, tethering you back to the nurturing support of the Earth.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using astrology to empower your life, and we hope it gives you some good ideas to start working with your emotions in new ways.

Try pairing this knowledge around how your moon sign operates with using the phases of the moon to plan your days, and you’ll be able to find more freedom, balance, and ease in everyday life!

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