Should Empaths Date Other Empaths?

The more time you spend in the empath community, the more you will hear about the empath and narcissist dynamic. It’s also not uncommon for empaths, and HSPs to figure out they belong to this perceptive group of people after being in long, drawn-out relationships with narcissists, be it a parent or spouse, and possibly even several toxic relationships.

But what happens when an empath falls in love with another empath? Is this good or bad?

There are both good and bad qualities in a two-way empath relationship.

Some Pros and Cons of the Empath/Empath Dynamic:

Pro: Soul-deep connection and understanding – Empaths are often misunderstood, so
having a partner who understands and empathizes as you do can feel secure and refreshing.

Con: Contagious negative feelings – When one partner is in a bad mood, the other might have trouble separating themselves from their partner’s pessimistic emotions.

Pro: Shared happiness leads to bliss – When one partner is joyful, the other will soften into that energy, too, forming a burst of positivity and fun.

Con: Both need time to recharge – Although empaths can be co-dependent, this duo must learn to take time outs; especially when having a disagreement either with each other or others.

Pro: Above-the-bar care and nurturing – You will take fantastic care of each other’s needs over and above your own, which is quite different from what you’ve experienced in other relationships.

Con: Unable to hide feelings – You won’t be able to hide anything from your empathetic partner, so you’ll have to be ready for a completely open and honest relationship.

Pro: Great Sex – These two partners easily read each other’s energy, and when they both focus on pleasing each other, it can create a sexual experience that is out of this world amazing!

All the best relationships align fundamentally from their inception; the empath/empath relationship is no different. This can be a powerfully rewarding match, so long as both parties face the challenges with a growth mindset and do their own inner work.

Everyone wants to be understood in their connections, and what better way is there to do that than to be with someone who appreciates and truly gets you for who you are? While there are challenges, personal growth is never a bad thing. And in this case, we would say the reward outweighs the negative by a mile.

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