Empaths and Depression: The Quintessential Toxic Partnership

Empaths are supposed to be loving and happy people, right? While this may be true on a surface level, empaths can also become experts at suppressing negative feelings. This is because of their deep connection to each and every emotion they experience.

Of course, nobody wants to feel their feelings when they don’t feel good, but negative emotions are more intense for an empath (as are positive ones.) Consequently, as an empath, you could be more prone to bouts of depression than others.

What’s the link between the two, you might ask?

A noisy environment like an office or school can prove to be overwhelming for HSPs (highly sensitive people), yet there is no way to avoid all of these situations all of the time. And because of this, sensitives subject to these conditions repeatedly may become overstimulated.

Empaths need plenty of alone time to heal and collect themselves. It can be helpful to take time to decompress in a quiet space at the end of each day. You can also listen to some soft music, take a walk, or sit out in nature.  

Empaths also tend to have physical reactions to their environment too.

HSPs don’t just pick up on subtle cues from others. They also tend to be physically susceptible to environmental factors like processed foods, household cleaners, and chemical additives in their hygiene products. These sensitivities can cause the body to be under a constant state of stress, triggering hormones that can lead to depression.

Try using as many natural products and ingredients as you can. And stick to a “whole-food diet” free from as many processed foods as possible.

But how can anybody be happy when they feel like an oddball?

The struggle is real, but you are not the oddball, my dear (there is a whole community of us)! 
Empaths sometimes feel like they don’t fit in or like something is wrong with them, which is depressing for anyone. 

But remember that it is within the darkness that the light can be seen. So focus on celebrating the brighter days that come along with finding your true path and purpose (there most definitely is one), and enjoy the serenity that is sure to follow.

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