Are You Manifesting Bad Things into Your Life?

Empaths are naturally attracted… to the “Law of Attraction.”

So, why do empaths seem to have so many bad things happen to them then? Are they just bad at manifesting, and if so, why?
Empaths are actually great manifestors! So if you’re an empath but never get what you want… the reason is likely that you are unintentionally manifesting unfavorable circumstances in your life.

That’s right!

Empaths are quite sensitive to the world around them. As a result, they become fearful of what “might” happen, calling those things they clearly don’t want into being.

And because they often feel what others feel, the constant barrage of other people’s problems can be overwhelming, too, making it hard to tell the difference between someone else’s bad day and their own. Other people’s negativity can quickly lower an empath’s vibration and drive them into a mindset of scarcity and despair.

What Can You Do About It?

One thing to recognize about the law of attraction is that words matter, and so do beliefs. So if you’re always thinking negative thoughts, you draw negative energy into your world.

Be sure and observe your words in your mind’s eye before speaking them and change any negatives into a positive before letting them leave your mouth.

For example, instead of saying, “I need a new car,” say, “It’s about time for a new car.”

Reframing your thoughts in an active and positive voice creates and nurtures the attraction dynamism rather than feeding the energy of lack.

Also, it’s best to concentrate on your desired outcome rather than why you don’t already have something or even how you will get it. This creates the manifestation energy needed to call those things into action and allows the universe to abide.

Lastly, boundaries are super important. There is no need to steep yourself in other people’s problems. If need be, turn off the news and stay away from people that weaken your energy until your boundaries become a little healthier.

In short, like attracts like. So stay focused on the positive, and you’ll enjoy manifesting everything you truly want.

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