8 Essential Flower Essences for Empaths

Flower essences are a beautiful tool from nature that work on an emotional level, which makes them especially beneficial for empaths.

We feel so much, we use our senses and are very perceptive of emotional energy, and flower essences work on all those levels, making them amazing aids to help you move through, release and balance out your emotions.

The basic science of flower essences is that they capture the energetic essence, or healing properties, of flowers in water. Then you simply take a few drops of this water a few times a day to receive the energetic imprint of the flower’s energy into the waters of your own body.

Flower essences are not essential oils, they contain no actual plant material, and are extremely safe to consume, even for kids and pets! They’re energetic medicine to help solve energetic issues, affecting your psyche, your mindset, and your emotional state.

There are hundreds of flower essence varieties to choose from, each offering their own unique magic, but we’ve narrowed them down to 8 that offer essential benefits to empaths.

If you’re just getting started using flower essences in your life, you may want to start with one of these:


Azalea flower essence is all about helping you find more confidence in your words.

If you have trouble speaking up, expressing yourself, or saying what you really mean (which many of us empaths do) azalea essence emboldens you and clears the way for you to express your true wants and needs.

If you feel shy or reserved, azalea flower essence will help you break out of your shell and overcome self-doubt.

It’s great for relationships too, helping open the flow of communication.

Bleeding Heart

If you have a big wide-open heart that bleeds with sadness at all the world’s worries, bleeding heart flower essence will help you find balance in your heart space.

On the flip side, if you’re closed off and protective of your heart because of past experiences, bleeding heart essence can help you open up to let more love in.

It’s also great for over-givers and those who always put other people’s needs before their own, to help you create more balance between give-and-take in your relationships.


A great flower essence for helping you acknowledge and let go of your limiting beliefs, bluebell helps you express yourself with love and kindness.

Great for empaths who are working through the limiting beliefs holding you back in life, bluebell helps release subconscious fear, especially fears around not having or being enough.

If you’re feeling closed down, rigid, or self-protective, bluebell essence can open your heart, your faith in the world, and your ability to express love in everything you do.


The perfect flower essence to alleviate heavy emotional energy, reach for borage flower essence when you want to melt away stuck grief, depression, or guilt.

Borage inspires emotional resilience, a sense of hope and buoyancy. It’s the one to take when you’re feeling very low, heavy, and overwhelmed with emotions.

Borage’s energy can increase optimism and confidence, boosting your faith in yourself to overcome any difficulties in life.


Calendula is like bright sunshine on a cloudy day, to lift you up and comfort a heavy mood, or a weary heart. It’s like an energetic balm to calm your worries and soothe your woes.

Spilling out with joy and vibrance, calendula activates the sacral and solar plexus chakras to increase your passion and positivity. It energizes and empowers, opening you to be more receptive to all the good stuff in life.

Reach for its supportive and nurturing energy whenever you feel burnt out, restless or exhausted. It has motherly, tender, gentle qualities to warm your heart and make you feel lighter.


A gentle grounding essence, clematis helps bring you back down to Earth and into the present moment when you feel lost in your thoughts or emotions.

Calming and encouraging, clematis essence opens you to see the gifts and beauty that exist in each moment, in each struggle, and every twist and turn along life’s journey.

A perspective shifter, clematis opens you to a different, wider view of the situation at hand. Use it when you’re feeling stressed out, scattered, or unfocused to help you feel grounded, capable and calm.


Daffodil has light and brilliant energy, like a burst of spring blooming after the doldrums and stillness of winter.

Energizing and motivating, daffodil essence boosts confidence and ease in social situations. Reach for it when you want to feel more secure and supported by the world around you.

Daffodil energy brings your inner light to the surface and helps you shine it out to the world with joy.


A beautiful flower for creating emotional boundaries, yarrow is powerfully protective.

When you feel like you’re taking on emotions that aren’t yours, are feeling very sensitive, or know you’re walking into a situation that may drain you, try some yarrow essence and feel the difference.

It helps you feel safe and comfortable in your own body when you’re surrounded by different energies, and to release the thoughts and feelings you’ve absorbed from others.

Yarrow is a great daily essence for empaths to protect and contain your energy field so you can feel more confident and centered as you move through the world.

These are just some of the wonderful, powerful flower essences that can help bring balance to your emotional life. We’re endlessly inspired by the magic and beauty that nature provides!

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