Goddess Empath – Chapter 09

The Goddess Empath’s daily routines & habits: who you are day-to-day

two trees and a woman

The Goddess Empath brings something special to each and every day. The physical aspects of life are very sacred and important. As a person, you see the beauty and spirituality within the mundane. Your daily routines are very important to you and you prefer to make the little things as enjoyable, delightful, and pleasurable as possible.

For example, the vessel you use for drinking your morning tea or coffee could be very important to you. The aesthetics and feel of the cup, the solitude of morning, and the energy around how you start your day are all part of how your sensitivity unfolds in your daily habits.

You like to keep yourself clean; bathing or showers might be something you do regularly as a way to relax and unwind. This doesn’t mean you never get dirty or put your hands in the dirt or spend time in the wilds—it just means you are attuned to the element of water and its cleansing powers when the timing and need are right. You are very intuitive about what you need and when.

You prefer to know what the day ahead holds, keeping track of the plans you have made, writing them down, or using a calendar. Keeping your activities and tasks organized is comforting and a way that you maintain your sense of grounded presence. You often know the schedules and routines of the people in your life as well and are even happy to accommodate and support them in their daily organizing needs.

If plans unexpectedly change, this can be upsetting for you, but you respond calmly and take things as they happen. Even if on the inside you feel a bit frazzled or overwhelmed, you find a way to remain in the still waters that others can flow into. You handle things with wisdom and grace.

Throughout your day, your food, nutrition, and diet are extremely important to you. Your relationship with nourishment and getting the sustenance you need help you navigate life on a daily basis. Much of your day is structured around meals, hydration, and wellness in general.

You have a good handle on self-care and when things are off-balance, you are dedicated to getting yourself back in alignment with nature and the physical needs of your being.

Your commitment to body, mind, and soul shows up in your daily habits. You enjoy approaching things as ritual and enhancement—with a little whimsy to keep it just spontaneous enough.

You greet each with a fulfilling sense of gratitude. As soon as you open your window, say good morning to your houseplants, or have your first sip of coffee—you are brought into the present moment. You are here and connected, you are natural and wild, present, and gently strong.

woman holding cup