Goddess Empath – Chapter 10

The Goddess Empath personality in relationships, love, and friendship


Introduction to your archetype’s personality in relationships

As a Goddess Empath, relationships are a beautiful way for you to find meaning and connection—but you are selective about who you share yourself with. You really do not have the energy to just go around connecting with everyone. You can struggle to trust people at first, but once you open up and find your group of people you feel more comfortable being outgoing and vulnerable.

Your mindset is very in tune with nature, the trees, the weather, the flowers, and therefore, much of your daily emotional heart energy is poured into getting into union with the natural flow of life around you.

Of course, you also like relationships, but they need to be with people that are worth your time—you have high standards as a Goddess Empath! You are a goddess after all and won’t be settling for anything less than you deserve.

When you do set your heart towards a relationship, you give of yourself fully. You tend to want physical touch and connection, you love sensations and experiencing the enjoyment of sensual pleasures through the body. This could mean a desire to give and receive gifts that are appealing to your tactile nature, things you can engage with; delicious meals, flowers, and art. Things that are both inspiring and practical are definitely a way you share and experience love.

You want things to feel genuine, deep, and affectionate. When you show up in a relationship—regardless of the type of relationship—the dynamic is the most important aspect for you. Things need to feel natural, fluid, and honest. Without this flow, you quickly lose interest or back out of the situation slowly so as to keep a sense of balance and temperance in your approach to relating to others.

You don’t like sudden changes, and a quick break can be very painful for you. When you do decide to get close, you tend to embrace your vulnerability—allowing yourself to go in deeply whether that be love, friendship, or family. Anyone would be lucky to have you in their life.

Your archetype’s personality in love

When it comes to romance, you like to take your time. Patience is one of your greatest gifts and you are able to harness this in conjunction with your empathic abilities. You feel your way into things so that they are aligned and harmonious.

For this reason, you hardly never end up with people that are completely wrong for you, or at least you tend to be with people that are compatible in many ways.

You are excellent at showing affection and receiving it in return. Your desire for things to feel nice gives you the room to share in little pleasures with the people you are crushing on. When you like someone, you most likely let them know by doing things for them and through physical touch. These two methods appeal to your physical and tactile approach to living.

The aspect of romantic relationships that can get tricky for you is communication. Because there are times when you need your space and you need to retreat and reconnect with your inner soul, it can be hard to explain this to long-term partners and close lovers. You might have some guilt to process about needing to set boundaries or asserting your need for alone time.

You like to do things that are meaningful with the people you are dating. There isn’t much room in your life for things that don’t carry a deep resonance or feeling of fulfillment. This doesn’t mean you can’t relax with your partner; it just means that you are intentional.

You are skilled at orchestrating things so that you and your lover feel comfortable. Facilitating romantic nights in and quiet weekends hiking or away from the city are roles you tend to take on. Partners might rely on you for your planning ability and attention to detail. You tend to be the one to bear more of the emotional weight in situations; being the listener and observer.

You tend to ask before sharing advice with a lover or partner. You dislike it when people overstep your personal space, and therefore don’t do this to the people you are dating either. However, it is important to be aware that getting closer to someone will require a little bit of work in letting people in and trusting in the safe space of the relationship.

At times, you feel like a hermit wanting your solitude, and might not always feel inclined to share with your partner what you are up to. They may be wanting more from you, and you only have so much you can give emotionally and mentally. Maintaining your own sense of identity is deeply important to you.

Creating connections that allow you and your partner(s) to have autonomy is essential. Prior agreements and assertion of boundaries for you to recharge and be with yourself can make a huge difference and avoid the miscommunications or feelings of guilt that can easily happen for a Goddess Empath in a relationship.

A list of traits the Goddess Empath should look for in a romantic partner

So what traits should you look for in a romantic partner? Here is a list of some things that resonate well with the Goddess Archetype!

  • Someone who is able to openly and affectionately receive your attention.
  • Someone who understands your need for autonomy, personal space, and alone time.
  • Someone who also likes physical touch and affection.
  • Someone who is very aware of and rooted in the body and the body’s needs.
  • Someone who is willing to go on nature adventures with you.
  • Someone who is committed to living in harmony with the natural world.
  • Someone who will give you compliments on how good you are with plants.
  • Someone who is intuitive and heart-centered.
  • Someone who will appreciate your excellent cooking and/or creative skills.
woman in garden

Your archetype’s personality in friendship

When it comes to friendships, you are one of the best. You always know how to comfort and support those around you, when you are available to help. There are times when you do retreat and need space, therefore, your friends should know that you are not 100% available all of the time.

If you make a friend, you prefer for them to be in your life for a long time. They will be the ones who will have your back, know you best, and be there when you need them.

Your personal ethos for living and your core values is an important aspect that you like to share as the basis for your friendships.

You might tend to meet people at conventions, conferences, or workshops where a shared interest is being learned and experienced together. In fact, this might be how you make some of your longest-term connections. You like to do things that are relaxing and easy with your friends—a trip to the beach, thrift shopping, etc.

Generally, you feel a deep sense of solidarity with those with whom you choose to share your most vulnerable self. This can lead to long meaningful conversations over a cup of tea or coffee and a deep bonding that ensues. Rarely do you have too many shallow acquaintances, you are much more likely to forge long-lasting friendships.

What Goddess Empath friendships feel like

As a Goddess Empath, you are drawn towards folks who are generous, kind, and who care about nature and the environment. These things are important to you, and without a basic respect for and value system that involves nature, your interest probably wanes pretty quickly.

If the chemistry feels right, you can connect with many different people. You do enjoy variety and communicating in a multitude of ways and prefer things to be interesting and dynamic.

This often means your friendships have variety, and you may have several different friend groups that fulfill specific needs in your life.

You might take on more leadership roles in one group and then more nurturing roles in another. The general thought for the Goddess Empath is you are very community and family-oriented—whether that be chosen family or bio family—and this means you center many of the activities and gatherings in your life around close-knit, intimate groups and relationships.

Goddess Archetype’s compatibility with other archetypes in friendships

Empath archetypes that vibe well with your energy are:

These archetypes share your need for action and engagement in your community while maintaining a strong sense of self and responsibility. There are many activities that you could cohort or collaborate based on friendship or business that can be cultivated.

Together your energies combine well to create a deep understanding and bond about the power of nature, inherent intelligence in plants and animals, and a deep appreciation for being outdoors and living close to your wild soulful nature.