Goddess Empath – Chapter 11

The Goddess Empath personality in family dynamics


Family, parenthood, and family dynamics are very important to the Goddess Empath. You are very invested in your family and community’s needs. Much of your life revolves around events, milestones, and the cycles of life that can be intimately shared with close-knit family members and friends.

As you read this section keep the following in mind:

  • Family can be chosen.
  • Your situation is unique to you and every aspect of your life cannot be covered in a single archetype.
  • Family roles are variable and not necessarily gender-specific.

Let’s get into how the Goddess Empath shows up in the family! You are often a pillar of strength for the people around you. Even though you deeply value your solitude, you often find that the individuals in your life are coming to you for advice, support, or a hot meal. You know what remedies they need and how to fix a broken heart. You are a great listener and an overall generous support person for the people in your family or chosen family.

Your archetype’s personality within the family

When it comes to family, you often take on the quiet capable role or hermit role—spending time on your own in the kitchen brewing up something yummy, reading, studying, or sharing a cup of tea on a loungy morning.

You need your space more than anything, to commune with nature and yourself. Your family will know this about you. And if you grew up in an environment or are currently in a living situation with a lot of people around, then it could be helpful to find a way to carve out space just for yourself. This is one of the primary ways for you to nurture your spirit.

As a child you could have been the one to go off on adventures, lost for hours in fantasy or story, playing, and exploring. The wilds of nature could have called to you and you may have spoken to the trees and plants—they were your friends then and are still your friends now. As an adult, you could be going through a process of remembering these connections.

Holidays, celebrations, and gatherings are very important to your archetype. You find that coming together at events that honor the cycles of life, time, and major milestones are some of the best means for weaving community magic.

Being around family and sharing together in this way is deeply nourishing to your soul, mind, and body.

As an intensely capable person, you could be the one that is most organized amongst your family members. You make sure bills are paid on time and finances are squared away. Sometimes you might take on more of these burdens and responsibilities for your own peace of mind, knowing they will for sure get done.

Things like meal planning, errands, and deep cleaning might be high on your to-do list within the family structure. You are often the one to make sure things get accomplished and feel much more at ease when you can truly melt into a comfortable and serene environment.

However, you don’t want to always be the one to take on the burdens of keeping things organized. Being around people who will share the labor, both emotional and physical, can be a big relief for you.

Your empathic nature can sometimes label you as too touchy or sensitive by family members. In your attempts to live your best life, you will have to practice assertiveness in order to get your needs met. Your patience level towards other people’s expectations of you is complicated and often something you have to work on to balance within the dynamics of family structures.

You might not always feel very supportive of family members as they might rely on you more often because you are an empath and can fulfill emotional needs for them. So when it comes time for your emotional needs to be met, remember you are valid, and it is okay to ask for and stand up for the support you need in return for what you give so willingly and so well.

The Goddess Empath as a parent

Whether you are a parent or not, this section can still provide valuable information to you on how you care for other living beings. As an archetype, you are deeply committed to caring for animals and may also apply this section to how you provide safety, nurturing, and security to pets or even to the plants in your home or garden.

As a parent, you take your responsibilities seriously. Even when you are exhausted and worn out, you always find the strength to rise to provide just a little bit more of your energy to the beings you care for. You deserve recognition for your hard work and dedication!

You are very gifted at nurturing others with the comforts of the physical world. You are attuned to the body and the environment—and all the things that fulfill basic needs. Housing, food, warmth, water, and other base security needs are all aspects of your ability to care for and parent others. You are also a good parent to yourself, and if you didn’t receive the kind of parenting you needed when growing up, you are able to somewhat make up for that now with your expert ability to provide for yourself.

Your parenting style could be very balanced between free-parenting types of methods and solid structure and boundaries. Of course, you prefer to do things that make sense to you, and often you approach parenting intuitively and less from an intellectual frame of mind. Once practical things are attended to, then you feel like you can also provide emotional support. This is when your empathic abilities as a nurturer really start to glow.

You are very generous with your spirit and personal energy stores. The individuals and beings you care for certainly understand and pick up on this aspect of your personality. They know you will be there for them and this creates a very beautiful sense of
connection and closeness.

The thing to keep in mind is that at times, you may feel you need other people to need you in order to feel valid. Being aware of this shadow can help you ensure this trait stays in a healthy balance and flow, so you also are getting what you need through the family dynamics.

Overall, you are an amazing caring parent, pet parent, or plant parent. Any being that comes into your life is lucky to have you around. As you bring your expansive heart and whole self to fostering the relationship.