Goddess Empath – Chapter 13

Goddess Empath’s spiritual path to meaning

Empaths have a special relationship with the nonlinear world. Emotions move in a way that is not straightforward and direct. Because your emotional centers are very dominant in your personality, this gives you a multifaceted way of engaging with life. These abilities as a Goddess Empath, allow you to go on a journey of spiritual awakening.

As you open to understanding and experiencing your abilities as strong, beautiful, and important—your world will open up in ways you could have never imagined. Sensitivity to the natural world, to other people, and yourself is a magical gift. This gives you multiple layers in which to see the world and know yourself.

Embarking on a spiritual path to meaning lends itself well to the empathic person. Often, you have been through difficult emotional situations and tribulations. This allows you to integrate emotional shadows and provide healing and support to others. In this section, you will be guided through some general spiritual concepts that may resonate with your archetype.

Cosmology and Spirituality for the Goddess Empath

Spiritual traditions and religions from all over the world and throughout human history have tuned into the underlying energetic forces that exist alongside the familiar material plane. The way the universe and existence are conceptualized is varied, mysterious, and layered.

As a Goddess Empath, you are aligned with a perception of the nature of reality that is like a web of intersecting parts. You could be drawn towards spiritual practices and traditions such as:

  • Animism
  • Paganism
  • Buddhism
  • Earth-based spiritualities
  • Various yogic traditions
  • Mindfulness
woman in garden holding light

Spiritual and Psychological concepts for you to explore

Spirit Journeying or Pathworking (various terminology used): basically this is approaching the self as a multidimensional being with various parts of the soul that can travel to different places in unseen dimensions. You can spirit journey to other places—through dreams, with animals, plants, or within your own deep self.

Kitchen Witchery: using your emotional awareness around food, herbs, spices, and medicine as a form of spiritual practice. You can align yourself with the spirits inherent in these materials to imbibe your food and drinks with healing properties, luck, or other enchantments. Drawing symbols into the food as you stir it or singing over the food will alter its properties. There are many facets of kitchen witchery you could explore if this interests you.

Gardening or growing plants: gardeners tend to be close to the earth and spiritually attuned without having to do anything ‘special’ or ritualistic. The daily awareness of plant life, sunlight, water, and soil nutrient needs, the growing seasons based on the Sun and Lunar cycles—all brings you into cyclical alignment with your own practical magic and spiritual energies found in birth, growth, and death.

Transpersonal Psychology: transpersonal psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on the health of your spirit in addition to the health of your mind. It sees you as a being beyond what is contained ‘within’ you and as a psychic being as well as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Being a Goddess Empath means you are on an epic journey joining your physical self with your spiritual self.

Recognizing that the physical is inherently spiritual is a part of your spiritual path work.

As you come to understand your divine nature inherent in the mundane, the ecstatic energies of physical reality bring you into more holistic self-expression and energetic awareness of your humanness.

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How to find the spirituality that works for you

Your greatest teacher is nature itself. Your open intuitiveness about the natural world allows you to imbue yourself with the messages, omens, and signs constantly unfolding around you. If you learn to refine your skills around listening to the voice of nature, you will start to be guided deeper and deeper onto your particular spiritual path.

Finding the spiritual path that works for you could take time. You aren’t one to rush things and patiently biding your time until the right spiritual teacher or tradition makes itself known to you can be a period of learning and exploring as much as you can, refining and honing your skill set.

Confidence in yourself gives you access to exploring many different paths and will become something that looks very eclectic over time. As a Goddess Empath, you could naturally be drawn towards Goddesses, Goddess worship, and the divine feminine. You have the potential to be a priestess or healer and will put in the time and years of study, practice, and devotion if these types of paths are calling to your soul.

How spiritual practice can help you manage your emotions

A consistent, regular, or defined spiritual practice allows you to direct the flow of your emotions and the sensations of others you pick up moment-to-moment. It helps you compartmentalize and make sense of things. You can cry it out in meditation or prayer. You can move energy around based on how you are feeling.

Knowing you get to process your emotions as part of your spiritual practice can be very comforting and keep you from suppressing or holding onto things that need to be transmuted. Having a container for your highly sensitive soul can bring you more peace as a Goddess Empath. It can help you find clarity, understanding, and reconcile the mysterious nature of your being.

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How to find your purpose as a Goddess Empath: learning to trust your deep self

This concept of finding one’s elusive ‘life purpose’ comes up a lot in modern spiritual discourse. A feeling that there is something you should be doing or a path you are supposed to pursue as a part of your mission appears to be a source of both stress and determination in folks. It can be helpful to remove the pressure around this concept as empaths are sensitive and don’t need any added stress.

The truth is, you can be doing a number of things that all relate to your ‘life purpose.’ Your purpose is to exist, do the things you love, and express yourself. The highest form of service to the Universe is through being your unique and brilliant self—unabashed and unashamed.

Anything you do—as long as you are being yourself—is the right path for you. With this in mind, there is not one single thing you have to pour all of your energy into. You get to define the terms, change them, and explore.

Remain curious about your mission and purpose in life and the pieces will start to fall into place. And yes, sometimes a highly focused interest or desire emerges that you want to fulfill—and you are free to follow that feeling.

As a Goddess Empath, you are learning to trust your empathic instincts and take actionable steps towards achieving those inner desires. You are pulling the spiritual into the physical and showing the world what true nutrition, care, and compassion look like in embodied form.

Developing your gifts: Manifestation, Nourishment, and Abundance

Keep developing your empathic self. Keep tuning into the energies around you, expand your beliefs; be cradled by the energies of the goddess.

Ways to evolve your empathy is by being kind to yourself. When you are kind to yourself, everything else starts to emanate from within to without. You spread love, joy, peace, happiness, and support when times are tough, or you are moving through grief, pain, and shadow.

You are excellent at manifestation and calling what you want into your life. This skill starts in the mind and can be developed further on your path. In addition, you know how to nourish yourself and others. Knowing what truly inspires and deepens is truly a talent that not everyone has. These are things you are very good at naturally and can bring more of into your life.

These concepts operate outside of career and purpose in the sense that they are ways of being for you. As you refine how your empathic gifts show up for you, you are able to grow spiritually as a person. Your Goddess Archetype reflects the cornucopia of nourishment and abundance that the earth provides.

Connect with your Inner Child archetype: How to find and do what you love

Finding your soul’s purpose is the journey itself, the life path that is already happening. It is right now. However, having direction can be helpful! Here is a way you can tap into your deep self’s work and uncover what you love, especially if you feel blocked or stuck on your life path.

Meet your inner child

Every adult was a child at some point. Even when your conscious mind is unaware or doesn’t remember, you are collecting experiences through moods, emotions, and sensory perception over the course of your life. Your body remembers and within you is a child-self that was and is you. This archetype of the Inner Child is found in psychology and is a helpful tool for the psyche to be in a relationship with.

As a child empath, you may have heard many times how you were too sensitive or not cut out for things because you have feelings. In general, women are often devalued or thought of as weak for having emotional intelligence and perception. These things are actually what makes a population or species strong rather than weak. Awareness of the innate creative, divine, and innocence of being is a powerful tool for understanding the self in relation to others—and leads to systems that are not only for survival but are for thriving and creativity.

For you as a Goddess Empath to reclaim the child aspect of yourself can be deeply healing. As an adult you can tell this part of yourself messages about the future, you can tell them to go play and not worry, you can tell them to be creative and free, and self-expressive. The simple act of imaging these conversations can release some of the blocks and pressure that keep you from knowing yourself.

As you work with the Inner Child archetype, you start to recover your true desires, dreams, and eventual feeling of purpose on your path. The things you loved as a kid if you were afforded the privilege of being able to discover and play are often carried over into some form into adulthood, which informs what you are drawn to now.

If your childhood created too much fear or lack of abundance for you to explore these sides of your creative childhood soul, then connect with the child within you and give them permission to explore and play now. The things you are meant to do will find their way onto your path and into your life.