Goddess Empath – Chapter 14

Life Purpose: Putting it all together

Choosing a direction to go in life as an empath takes hard work and discipline. It takes effort in reconditioning from the past, ancestry, childhood, etc., and healing things that have been broken or distorted in your thinking as a result of the society or people around you.

Your purpose is really only something you can know. Commit to learning ayourself, course-correcting, and checking in with yourself. By managing your empathic abilities and sitting with yourself in authenticity you start to gain the  confidence to make decisions based on what you know you need to be doing. Following your intuitive guidance from your higher self, the divine, spirit guides, ancestors, or whoever you choose to work with can support you in unseen ways.

The Goddess Empath is a physical vessel for moving through emotional energies. Your deep resonance with the natural world puts you in touch with the emotional, feeling, and subconscious parts of others often unexpressed. Giving voice to the hurt gives way to the medicine.