Goddess Empath – Chapter 15 (iii)

3. List of alternative healing methods and wellness practices

The Goddess Empath does well with healing methods that combine practical action with energetic medicine. You like to do things that combine the body in the process of healing. For example, talk therapy may be helpful for you to a point, but you will often feel like there is still one more step or leg of the journey in order to feel you are getting all that you need. This means that healing for you is very much rooted and begins in the body.

Research shows that the body remembers experiences even if the conscious mind does not, your subconscious and physical self-stores it all, traumas or at least the feeling of it, interactions, sensations, and more. Everyone needs healing on some level. As a Goddess Empath, you may have a complex history of things that have happened in your life that are waiting to be processed. In addition, there is a concept of intergenerational trauma, which are pieces of ancestral trauma that you could also be carrying.

Exploring healing methods to work through the physical as well as the energetic needs of the soul has always been a part of human medicine. In allopathic (western) medicine these are often seen as separate things between mental health and physical health. But many other medical practices and human medicine from most of history have not seen these as necessarily separate things.

As a Goddess Empath, you are highly attuned to the interconnection of all things. Therefore, alternative healing methods may be beneficial and effective ways for you to sort through and process the events of your life thus far.

Here are some healing methods that might work for you:

  1. Wearing a particular gemstone or metal for energetic healing.
  2. Taking herbal tonics or teas to support the body, mind, and spirit.
  3. Various forms of healing massage.
  4. Morning or evening stretching routines.
  5. Food and nutrition as medicine.
  6. Sound baths and sound healing.
  7. Visiting a medical astrologer.

4. Divination tools for the Goddess Empath’s self-reflection

Divination can help you as a tool for self-development. Things like tarot, palmistry, runes, throwing bones, reading tea leaves, scrying, and pendulums all serve to assist one in seeing what is unseen. These tools serve as a mirror from the spirit realm reflecting back to you the energies you are currently working with or working towards.

Things have a way of getting fractured in life, especially as an empath, and rebuilding these broken pieces sometimes requires added support. This is where divination tools can be of assistance. You can learn these divination tool suggestions for your archetype on your own or get a reading from a professional reader. There are plenty of resources out there!

Oracle Card Reading

Oracle cards can be a very straightforward form of divination. Get yourself an oracle deck if possible. Pulling a card a day or once a week is a good way to check in with the underlying energies.

Oracle cards are a good tool for the Goddess Empath because they allow for intuitive interpretation alongside clear messages and phrases. They are often easy to approach and quick to read, which can be helpful for briefly tuning into the spirit on a regular basis. Doing something physical, like card reading, is also a very beneficial way for you to get in touch with your spirituality.

Weather Scrying

Scrying is a divination technique of intuitive looking and observation. You may be familiar with the popular image of a psychic from media of them peering into a crystal ball for impressions and images for information. This is a form of scrying.

When scrying the weather you ‘look’ at what the weather is with your senses, your heart, and your soul. Notice the smell, sounds, the direction of the wind, the shapes of the clouds—then look even deeper and practice perceiving the underlying energetic patterns that are present. Soften your gaze and be receptive to the omens from the sky. The impressions you receive and then interpret are a form of divination.

Tea Leaf Reading

You have a strong relationship with plants as a Goddess Empath, therefore tea leaf reading may come naturally to you. This divination technique is reading the leaves made in the bottom of a teacup after you have had a cup of tea. This can also work with coffee grounds or other beverages that leave residue in the bottom of the cup. Oracular messages can be found in the patterns when you use your psychic empathic sight to tune in. There are different ways to read the messages depending on the tradition or culture, so do your research if this form of divination speaks to you!

Remember when doing divination, the messages that come through are for that present moment. Things evolve and change constantly and are forever unfolding. Even if you get a particular message one day, it might shift later on down the road. ‘Taken with a grain of salt’ is a good rule of thumb.