Goddess Empath – Chapter 15 (v)

7. Practical Exercises for understanding your moods and emotions

Coming into a deeper understanding of how your emotions flow through you as an empath is a lifelong endeavor. Here is something you can do in the present. However, as a Goddess Empath, for deepening your relationship to your emotions, it can help you to remember that you are human, and while you are very akin to the natural world, you can enhance your experiences by being in a relationship with how your moods flow as a human being.

1. Journaling to acknowledge emotions

If you have trouble expressing your emotions or recognizing them as they are happening, try journaling and writing them down. Practice not reflecting or judging them but experiencing them at the moment as they are happening. Recording what you are feeling can help you in every day and other situations as you practice this technique more and more. Empaths frequently feel misunderstood and because you are so emotionally aware you manage things very carefully at times. There is space, however, to not analyze but to experience.

2. Astrology: know which zodiac sign the Moon is in each day

Astrology offers some insight into the general moods of the day. You can look up which zodiac sign the Moon is in for information on what the feelings of yourself and those around you may be themed around. Each zodiac sign has a different energy to it and the Moon in astrology is symbolic of emotions and subjective experiences. Knowing the Moon sign can help you anticipate what types of things you might encounter throughout the day.

3. Focus on yourself

Practice becoming aware of your emotions at the moment as they are happening. This can take different forms, but by setting an intention to be conscious of the emotions you are feeling are yours or someone else’s you can navigate situations with more clarity.

Knowing how you feel and where someone else’s feelings begin, helps you approach the world without feeling responsible for processing other people’s emotions.

You have your own feelings to move and work through. There are times when you just don’t have room for other people’s stuff. This is valid!

Empaths often feel they need to take on the sole responsibility of everyone’s mood around them. Just focus on yourself and in the moment if you are starting to overload yourself on other people’s feelings, energetically “send it back to them” by thinking this in your mind. Then return it yourself and understand your genuine feelings in the moment.


8. Practical Goddess Empath A to Z: sometimes it’s the little things . . .

  • Add some lavender flowers or essential oil to your bath or shower.
  • Take three deep breaths upon waking up each morning.
  • Stretch before going to bed.
  • Drink a cup of water before morning coffee.
  • Carry around a pouch or satchel of healing herbs and stones.
  • Bring a cozy sweater or scarf to wrap around you for comfort when you feel stressed.
  • Have snacks in your bag so you ground throughout your day.
  • Limit how many activities you do in a day.
  • Have a notebook around so you can record your thoughts, moods, and feelings.
  • Have headphones on (even if you don’t turn them on) to signal to other people you are not available to chat when you are in public.
  • Share your feelings—feel valid in having others hold space for you.
  • Carry around a small bottle of rose water to spray on you for reducing stress.
  • Get outside or open your window at least once every day.
  • Hold onto a rock or palm stone when in a long meeting.
  • Decorate your space with objects found in nature.
  • Do random acts of kindness.
  • Make backup plans.
  • Leave 15 minutes early for appointments.
  • Limit the number of social interactions you have in a day.
  • Count to 30 before responding to emails or messages.
  • Wake up 10 minutes early and do nothing during that time.
  • Vocalize when you need space or time to process.
  • Listen to a song right before doing an obligation you have to do but aren’t in the mood for (such as paying a bill or attending a meeting).
  • Sing to your houseplants.
  • Recite spiritual blessings over your food.
  • Practice gratitude.
woman meditating