Goddess Empath – Chapter 08

Goddess Empath: In-Depth Profile

Who you are . . .

goddess empath

Keywords: Creator of life, elemental spirit, reader of omens, kitchen witch, nurturing, caregiver, gentle soul, fierce protectress, water sprite, weather scryer

Tarot Cards: The World or The Empress (live-giving, fertile, a cauldron for spirit)

Crystal Energy: Labradorite (earthy, spiritual, mysterious)

Animal Spirit: Dolphin (fluid, intelligent, nurturing)

Elements: Water and Spirit

Your Affirmations:

  • I sense the unseen spirit of nature
  • I create space for true nourishment
  • My soul communes with animals

You are the Goddess Empath. A beautiful empathic soul that is rooted, grounded, and attuned to the natural world. You easily sense the underlying emotional experiences of the world around you. Animals, plants, trees, and the material substances of day-to-day living all speak to the heart of who you are.

You are able to read signs in the mundane. You can sense when things are amiss or when they are fortuitously aligning. Your gifts ensure you are nurturing and giving of yourself to those around you.

This often means you are stirring up food as medicine in the kitchen or creating environments that everyone can feel comfortable in. There are times however when you feel relatively disconnected from others and prefer the company of your furry friends and plant allies. Finding a balance between your giving spirit and your need for community is part of your path and one in which you deeply and truly come to know yourself.

This guide to your Goddess Empath archetype will help you with practical advice on how to manage the complexities of being this particular type of empath.

It will look into specifics of the personality traits that are most likely to show up in your archetype, what you are like day-to-day, how you relate to others in relationships and family, your career, spiritual path, and life purpose.

The inner psyche of who you are as an individual is significantly unique—and when interwoven with the archetype of the Goddess Empath, a truly beautiful one-of-a-kind you emerge from the safety of your cocoon and into an intensely fierce, strong, and gorgeous being.

Set yourself up for success as a Goddess Empath

As a Goddess Empath, it is fundamental that you have tools for your self-care. Already naturally attuned to your own self-care, this list will help you refine and hone your ability to feel aligned and gratified as an empath.

Each archetype has slightly different needs when it comes to nourishing the body, mind, and spirit. The Goddess Empath type needs people and community more than you might realize. Once your self-care routine is established you will have more energy to nourish the external connections that you are wanting to make and be able to better assert your boundaries, needs, and desires.

woman in forest

Self-Care Checklist for the Goddess Empath

______1. Set your own morning routine: Wake up naturally if possible, sit under natural lights, take a few quiet moments to reflect, or have a cup of tea, practice meditation or mindfulness—make the morning about you, nourish yourself with the quiet and solitude the morning affords.

______2. Wear comfortable clothing: Pay attention to textures and the feel of fabrics, avoid things that are scratchy or too restrictive. Be creative with your jewelry, wear healing gemstones, and soft, luxurious fabrics that make you feel secure and comfy.

______3. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water, make a ritual of your water breaks, be aware of your moods in relation to how hydrated you are, carry a water bottle on you at all times.

______4. Take in fresh air daily: Open a window, go outside, take a trip to a park or around your neighborhood, move your furniture around at work or home to be closer to the natural light and windows, be outside when possible, notice the trees and plants between running errands and other tasks.

______5. Take on a leadership role: Be the one to make the plans so things can be done more on your terms and within your preferred time frame, assert and direct where you want to go and at what times.

______6. Take care of houseplants or a garden: Or take care of even just a single small plant if that is what is manageable, have plants on your desk or herbs in your kitchen windowsill, grow veggies in containers, or a garden if you have the time and space.

______7. Experience the sensual: Find the pleasure and the erotic in every day, consistently explore the expressive aspects of your being, tap into your aliveness, the ecstatic sensations of the earth, weather, wind, creativity, art, and beauty of nature.

______8. Allow yourself to feel things all the way: Cry, laugh, express, understand your rage, be curious about your feelings, know how to creatively show them, know your emotions are sacred messages from the subconscious self.

______9. Spend time in the kitchen: Stirring, brewing, drinking teas or cooking up recipes—adding your emotions and magic to what you are making.

______10. Take cleansing baths: Rest and relax in the bath after a long day or difficult interaction, use healing herbs, oils, and salts; light candles and put healing stones around the stub—find comfort and healing in the warm water.