How To Listen to Your Intuition

When you feel stressed out or confused like you can’t find clarity, direction, or balance, or when you find yourself questioning “Why is this happening?”, “What am I supposed to do?”, “How is this gonna work?”, all the answers you’re looking for are actually right within you. You just have to know how to tap into them!

Your intuition is your innate connection to the spirit realm, to Source, to your subconscious and unconscious, to nature itself and all the wisdom that you have access to.

Think of your intuition as your personal channel to dial into all of the unseen information hidden in the cosmic realms. It’s where you can turn to find answers, guidance, direction, and clarity around anything you need help with in life, from tiny mundane annoyances to huge life transitions. 

But how do you tap into your intuitive intelligence? And how can you trust when you’re receiving guidance from your intuition? 

Today we’re sharing 3 of the most common ways to communicate with your intuition, to help you discern whether you’re listening to your mind or ego, to someone else’s ideas for you, or truly hearing the voice and wisdom of your intuition.

How Does Intuitive Information Come Through?

Your intuition speaks to you through your senses- not always your physical ones, your psychic ones! This can come through feelings and sensations, thoughts and ideas, visions and signs all around you.

There are many ways for your intuition to convey its insight to you, you just have to get still enough and aware enough to start to better understand when you’re receiving an intuitive nudge, versus a fear-based reaction or motivation driven from an outside source.

The primary way you can discern intuitive information is by how it comes through. Most often, it is very simple, clear, and direct and it comes distinctly from within you.

Here are the 3 most common ways to communicate with your intuition:


Clairsentience is when your intuition comes through feelings and sensations in your body. This is your gut feelings, your instincts, and your awareness of picking up on other people’s emotional energy.

Empaths are quite often clairsentient, you may just not realize it yet! You can be picking up on and “reading” everyone’s emotions around you and think all the while it’s just you and your own feelings.

This is where practice and discernment come in, including developing energetic boundaries and making sure you have a clear, balanced energy field. 


Clairaudience is when your intuition communicates through auditory perceptions. This can be simply hearing a thought in your mind that’s an intuitive insight, or channeling and receiving messages from your guides and other energetic sources that you “hear” coming through.

It also is the discernment of picking up on messages you hear in the outside world that are meant for you, whether you overhear part of a conversation that directly relates to your question, or you turn on the radio and a song pops on that seems to be speaking to you.

Anything that is “heard” and that resonates within you, like ringing a bell of truth inside you when you hear it, is thought of as clairaudient information.


Clairvoyance is when your intuition comes through your inner vision or mind’s eye. This can be a flash of a picture in your mind, a visual memory, or even receiving information through your dreams.

It also encompasses the ability to see auras or energy fields, lights flashing in the corner of your eye, or any visual perception of energy that many sensitive people have. 

Clairvoyant information comes through your imagination, but that doesn’t mean it’s “made up.” In fact, your imagination can be considered just as “real” as this physical world is, it’s simply a different dimension or energetic state of matter than the physical world. You can’t touch it or hold it, yet everything that has ever been created by a human on Earth was first conceived in the realm of the imagination.

There are a few more intuitive senses that are less common but you may find they apply to you:

  • Claircognizance, which is a clear knowing. This is when you “just know” some kind of information without understanding how, almost as if the information was just dropped into your brain. This is like when the phone rings and you immediately know who’s on the other end without looking, or when you get a sudden urge that you better turn right instead of left, only to find out later there was an accident going the other direction.
  • Clairgustance is an intuitive sense of taste that is not created by physical means. This can be experienced in a multitude of ways but is very subtle and hard to detect. You may suddenly get a taste in your mouth of cookies you loved when you were a kid, bringing back a fond memory, or get a bitter, sour taste in your mouth if you meet someone with bad intentions.
  • Clairalience is when intuitive information comes in through a psychic scent, like smelling smoke before a fire happens, or the scent of your Grandmother’s perfume who has since passed, perhaps if her spirit is coming around to check on you.

All this to say, there is so much energetic information being communicated through your intuitive senses daily, and once you know how you personally can tap into it clearly, you can use it to help guide you in your daily life decisions!

We’ll have more on that in the next post with specific practices you can do to tap into your intuitive guidance.

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