Lover Empath – Chapter 10

The Lover Empath’s daily routines & habits: who you are day-to-day

You like to keep an organized life. A certain amount of predictability is necessary for you in order to help you manage emotionally. You want your life to look like a pretty picture. And while you know there are always shadows present beneath the surface, you strive for an external image that is put together.

Each day you pursue engagements that are personally productive and in line with your overall goals. Your archetype does well with lists, vision boards, and writing out your intentions. Maintaining a routine that involves stretching, Pilates, or yoga can also assist you in calming your nerves and calibrating you to each day.

In addition, you prefer to eat a consistent diet and make a lot of space in your life for meal preparation and nutrition. This helps you stay on track when it comes to other areas of your life as well. With the food aspects taken care of, you feel more prepared to engage at work, in your relationships, and with other responsibilities.

The people and communities you surround yourself with are central to your daily life. You prefer to check in with loved ones regularly, and sometimes daily. Knowing what everyone is up to and that they are well or settled gives you your own peace of mind. You like to avoid crises and unpleasant social interactions when you can, therefore, regular updates from those you care about keep you plugged in and more in the know if something does crop up.

Your attention to self-care is a part of your everyday habits. Wellness practices come second nature to you and are key elements in how you maintain a sense of balance. This approach makes you dependable to others and also to yourself.

Your tried and true coping mechanisms can be so integrated into your daily routine, you might not even realize you execute them! Overall, you are committed to creating a life with a strong foundation composed of self-care, stability, and regularity.

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