Lover Empath – Chapter 13

The Lover Empath personality at work

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When it comes to work, empaths tend to need a little bit more self-care practices at the ready. Being prepared with knowledge about what environments, habits, and careers suit you best, can assist you in living your best life.

Your workplace habits and needs

You like to work with people, which tends to be essential to your well-being in the workplace. You get bored on your own and need the stimulation of having others around you. However, you do like a balance, so space to move away from people to do paperwork or other detail-oriented tasks gives you the breaking away you need throughout the day from others.

One of your strengths is active listening. You can utilize this skill in many different work settings—from a beauty salon to a therapist’s office. You also like to give advice, therefore, settings, where you can share your perspectives with others, are ideal.

Your preference is to have a steady or set schedule, especially if you are the one who is setting it. You don’t mind being self-directed but do equally well under the leadership of others. At work, you often tend to be a ‘can-do’ person, sometimes taking on more work than your colleagues. Having more confidence around standing up for yourself and setting workplace boundaries can make your job a more fulfilling experience for you.

The area of work and career that tends to emerge as the most important, is the workplace culture and interpersonal relationships with your coworkers. You like to be in settings where things are open, forward-thinking, and committed to inclusion. Your personality type is willing to raise concerns when they are present and try to come up with an agreeable solution for moving forward.

Maintaining decorum and social niceties is something you look for in a work setting. When you approach your career path, you tend to take your time in deciding what will actually make you happy. And whereas you will accommodate some unpleasantness for a little while in the workplace, you tend to move on when you come to the realization that an environment is emotionally and mentally toxic for you.

Best work environments for your archetype

  1. Therapist’s office
  2. Beauty salon
  3. Marketing firm
  4. Courthouse
  5. Business and professional environments
  6. Wellness clinics
  7. Shared workspaces
  8. Customer service
  9. Flower shop
  10. Magazine

Possible career paths for your archetype

You tend to choose a path and stay on it. Not to say you cannot change your mind! But you do prefer to pick something you really enjoy and develop skills around that. Some of the career fields that suit your archetype also require higher education and training. Therefore, you tend to dedicate many years to learning and perfecting your skills. This means if and when you decide to make career shifts in your life, they tend to be few and far between.

The types of careers that the Lover Empath vibrates with are jobs where you can create a happy medium. You like to bring balance and perspective to situations and people’s lives. This leads you into work that is related to social work, therapy, and family or relationship counseling. You are able to see multiple sides of a situation, and gently bring others around to a broader or alternate point of view.

Your ability to negotiate and weigh important information also makes you well-suited for careers as a judge, lawyer, or politician. Expert social skills enhance your ability to make decisions, taking into account what people actually need. You are able to find the middle ground, bringing positive change into the lives of your constituents or clients.

Finally, you also are a deeply creative person, artistic, and social. This energy allows you to go into careers that give you the license to sell and create beauty. Being a florist, make-up artist, or designer goes well with your archetype. In addition, work that center on social media, marketing, and other content creation are perfect outlets for your creative energy.

Some career fields that may suit you as a Lover Empath include:

  • Designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Stylist- Make-up artist
  • Therapist
  • Relationship and family counselor
  • Social worker
  • Psychologist
  • Advice columnist
  • Decorator
  • Tech support
  • Artist
  • Florist
  • Salesperson
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Social media manager
  • Marketing
  • Judge
  • Lawyer or arbitrator
  • Politician
  • Administrator
  • Gift shop owner
  • Jewelry designer
  • Realtor or real estate broker
  • Content creator
  • Content editor

Practical tips for how to set career goals

When it comes to setting career goals, you like to have a clear plan before proceeding. Rarely, will you just try something and then abandon it. You like to commit to what you are doing, fully learn the job or skill, and then perform it to perfection.

You often are drawn towards the highest levels of training in the work that you do. In addition, you make space for continuing education as you move through your career.

You are interested in the underlying psychology behind the human experience. Knowing what your own psychological motivations are, for you personally, is important to any career field that you go into.

You need to have a clear vision of who you are and why you are on the particular career path you have chosen.

Here are some questions to keep in mind for yourself when picking or changing careers. Does this field allow me to . . .

  1. Analyze people and their motivations?
  2. Be expressive and social?
  3. Create beauty, balance, or harmony?
  4. Have meaningful interpersonal relationships?
  5. Give purposeful advice to others?
  6. Have some predictability in my day-to-day routines?
  7. Bring kindness, love, and compassion into the world?
  8. Involve shared workloads and collaboration?
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