Lover Empath – Chapter 14

Lover Empath’s spiritual path to meaning

You tend to appreciate the psychological aspect of things as opposed to the mystical or spiritual. Your mind does well with a concrete curriculum and explanations. Whereas you can appreciate spirituality, you are more inclined to follow a humanistic path.

There is also a tendency to enjoy participating in the spirituality of your family or the people around you—due to your love of community, you find this familiarity inviting. You also may be drawn toward studying or learning about the folk or spiritual traditions of your family of origin, even if you don’t actively practice all of them.

You have a deep appreciation for the spirituality of others and find this can be a very healing and useful avenue in your life. In general, you like spiritual practices with an emphasis on peace, self-development, unconditional love, and acts of service.

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Spiritual and Psychological concepts for you to explore

Jungian Psychology is a branch of psychology that looks at the layers of the psyche. The purpose is to understand what is happening on an unconscious level and make it conscious. This then allows you to integrate what you learn about yourself and the archetypal layers of being human. This is one of the more ‘spiritual’ psychological paths of study for you to consider. Jungian psychology can include dreamwork, individuation, and symbology as well as psychoanalysis.

Humanism is a philosophy that centers on the human experience. It focuses on the path that individuals take through life and the agency of the human being. Things are considered from a human perspective and placed within that context so as to understand the meaning inherent to existence.

Mindfulness is a spiritual technique that helps your mind stay in the present moment. This is something you can become very skilled at, which will help you reach a more balanced state of being. Training your mind to be in the moment allows you to be grounded and more deliberate in your actions, relationships, and life in general. This can help you appreciate your own experiences and make better sense of the meaning and purpose of your life.

How to find the spirituality that works for you

For you as a Lover Empath, exploring spirituality should be done in small doses. You don’t need to immerse yourself in any particular path or practice. Instead, it would be better for you to maintain a surface interest unless and until you feel called to something deeper.

Allowing yourself space to just explore spirituality in a more passive way lets you focus on the other areas of life that tend to be more interesting to you. You enjoy some of the rituals that come with celebrating life’s milestones and sometimes you do add these spiritual or traditional elements to them.

Overall, you like to go deep on your terms. You won’t rush into anything and therefore, should only explore your spirituality if and when you feel ready.

How spiritual practice can help you manage your emotions

When you approach spirituality through the lens of the psyche, you can understand the undercurrents and reasoning behind your emotional experience. Your spiritual inclinations can be tied to how you make sense of reality, life, and relationships with others.

You can manage your own emotional experience with an understanding of the nuanced layers of your existence. This is one of the gateways into the inner layers of your being. Spiritual practice can open up your emotional world so you can find your way to deeper self-knowledge.

How to find your purpose as a Lover Empath: living in meaning

Developing your gifts

This concept of finding one’s elusive ‘life purpose’ comes up frequently in self-help discourse. A feeling that there is something you should be doing or a path you are supposed to pursue appears to be a source of both stress and determination. It can be helpful to remove the pressure around this concept as empaths are sensitive and don’t need any added stress.

The truth is, you can be doing a number of things that all relate to your ‘life purpose.’ Your purpose is to exist, do the things you love, and express yourself.

You like to add meaning to the world through acts of love and service; creating communities that are built on shared values, trust, and kindness. This is how you find purpose as a Lover Empath—exploring the archetypes that live in your psyche, which you get to express through your life’s story. Knowing what tale you want to tell is one way to unearth the meaning behind what you are called towards.

Connect with your Magician archetype: How to find and do what you love

In archetypal psychology, the archetypes can be representative of different parts of yourself that make up the whole of your psyche. The Magician is a beneficial archetype for the Lover Empath to get in touch with as this allows you to understand how to manifest what you’d like to see happen in your life and relationships.

The Magician is a little more detached emotionally—bold, and direct as a character. They operate using their personal willpower to bring about desired results.

How to meet your Magician archetype

Meeting the Magician archetype starts with a turn inward. To really look within yourself at your multifaceted being and discover where exactly your motivation is coming from. This means getting in touch with your willpower. It is believed that energetically, your will is in the area of the body just below your belly button. This is where your “gut instincts” are and where you feel things on a visceral level.

Some can sense creativity and passion springing from this part of the body as energy and drive. Meet your Magician by closing your eyes and tuning into your belly. Imagine a bright yellow or golden Sun in this area of yourself. If visualizing is not your thing, just imagine the sensation that you would associate with solar forces.

Let your emotions build here and become more potent. Feel and experience confidence gaining as the image or feeling of the Sun grows stronger. Now start to focus on what you would need to do in your life to see your dreams becoming reality. Focus on the mindset and actions you need to exert so you can drive yourself forward.

Imagine if no barriers were standing in your way, what kind of magic would you create in the world? Be fully present with yourself as a leader, as someone who wants to create positive change, and as someone who thinks and acts with a sense of compassion and justice.

When you are ready, open your eyes. Tune into this space in your body or these visualizations of the Magician archetype anytime you feel lost. It can help you find direction and steer you towards where you want to be going guided by the deepest parts of yourself.

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