Lover Empath – Chapter 17

Finding Your Joy in Being a Lover Archetype

lover empath

Each empath archetype has something unique to bring into the world. The Lover Empath has the potential to seamlessly blend the cerebral with the corporeal. You can find the perfect balance and in that, the deeper experience of beauty, truth, and love.

You want to be in lasting relationships and explore who you are through others. You want to mirror back to your lovers and partners what you see in them and have them mirror back to you what they see in you. Your heart is open, and your mind is sharp.

You find your joy when you can be around other sensitive types of people that allow you to enter into unique connections. Being social and community-minded are very important to you, and you often take on important roles amongst the groups you participate in. Your path is carefully chosen and generally involves being in a counseling type of role, whether professional or not. You like to help people and your considerate nature gives you a heart of service.

Overall, you want to express yourself with confidence and have people truly appreciate your talents. You learn to manage the fleeting nature of emotions with precision. Your Lover Empath soul feels the subtle emotional currents that flow between you and others, giving you a sense of relating to the world around you in all that you do.