Lover Empath – Chapter 08

Lover Empath: In-Depth Profile

Who you are . . .

lover empath

Keywords: Harmonizer of emotions, peacemaker, justice, the counselor, the egalitarian, balanced, Venusian, attraction-repulsion principle, a mirror

Tarot Cards: Temperance (flow, patience, inner calm, moderation)

Crystal Energy: Rose Quartz (gentle love, healing, alleviates grief, increases selfworth)

Animal Spirit: Butterfly (delicate, mirror, beauty, transformation)

Elements: Water and Air

Your Affirmations:

  • I weave community
  • I merge with love
  • My balance is my strength

You are the peacemaker of the empath archetypes. You want people to feel welcome, heard, and understood. The queen of compromise, you know how to facilitate situations, so everyone is getting at least some of what they need and want. Your mind tends towards being objective, and your emotions are deeply rooted in a sense of practicality.

Your spirit is light, and your sensitivities are many. The world can feel overwhelming to your delicate constitution at times; therefore, you seek to create safe and gentle environments. You are a weaver of community and tend to have a large social network. The people you surround yourself with mean the world to you, and you will do anything for them.

You act with a sense of virtue, justice, and responsibility; your spirit truly wants what is best for everyone. You love pleasure and beauty and will seek to luxuriate in life’s sweetness, pleasure, and enjoyment.

The way you experience empathy can be likened to a mirror. You take in the emotional experience of others, process what arises, and reflect it back to them. Other people tend to have an expanded awareness of themselves in your presence. At the same time, you are also processing your own emotions, which means there is a delicate balance to be found between yourself and others.

Your sense of artistry, charisma, and charm allows you to show up in the world with an inner light that shines through the spaces you occupy and the projects you work on. The Lover Empath identity is very balanced—both soft and curvy while at the same time angular and sharp. You braid together a uniquely balanced persona rooted in your alluring sense of self in relationship to the world around you.

face artwork

Set yourself up for success as a Lover Empath

As we get into your in-depth profile, let’s first look at ways to support your self-care. From the outside, you appear to approach the world with a sense of neutrality, but internally you have often taken a winding road to get to that point. You spend a great deal of time processing, sorting, and analyzing the emotions of yourself and others.

You go into a problem-solving mode to sort out how other people are feeling and what the energetic undercurrents are between people. By the time your opinions arrive on the surface of your identity, you have already gone through some emotional labor and distilled the experience into a succinct explanation.

In addition, you often analyze other people’s experiences or issues before your own. Your good-natured, and well-intentioned self wants to help others. Sometimes, however, this may come at your own expense or the minimizing of your own emotional processing and needs.

A self-care plan is essential for all empaths—and especially in your case—to help you find your own sense of individuality. Below is a self-care checklist with the purpose to help you find the center between your own needs and your desire to unify and support others.

Self-Care Checklist for the Lover Empath

______1. Self-awareness journaling: Spend some time each day or every other day writing out a list of the feelings, moods, and thoughts you are experiencing. Once a week read through and contemplate your reflections.

______2. Set goals to practice self-expression: Set a weekly goal to be more expansive in your self-expression by sharing something you have created or participate in an activity you find meaningful but have been too timid to go for.

______3. Carry ‘love’ gemstones: Gemstones associated with love bring even more softness into your already gentle personality. Having crystals associated with compassion, care, and affection (rose quartz, rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline) vibe well with the harmonizing impact your personality has in the world.

______4. Say ‘no’: Your archetype would do well to refuse invitations or requests for your time more often. Look at recent events in your life and notice if you have extended yourself beyond what you actually want to be doing. It is okay to decline if you don’t have the bandwidth.

______5. State self-love affirmations: Giving yourself praise and improving the conversations you have in your mind around self-love make a big difference in your experience of self-worth. Of course, self-love cannot be solved with affirmations alone, but this is one technique that will improve the language around your experience of love and self-compassion.

______6. Reduce anxiety with 60 seconds of deep breathing: Take 60 seconds each day to do deep breathing. Set an alarm on your phone, close your eyes and breathe in, expand your lungs, hold for a second, and exhale through your mouth. Repeat until the alarm goes off. This should help manage anxiety, stress, and worry to some degree.

______7. Discernment: Practice discerning who has your best interest in mind and who does not. Your subconscious self picks up on the motivation of others, even when your conscious mind is unsure. You can be prone to fall for people who play at your heartstrings. For your own self-preservation, discerning other’s intentions allows you to enter into situations that feel right for you. This knowledge aids in the development of your intuition.

______8. Wake up without an alarm: Enjoy waking up without an alarm more often. An alarm can be a jarring way for you to start your day. If you get to wake up when your body naturally wants to, the tone of the day can feel better.

______9. Style yourself: Give more attention to your personal style. This is one of the ways you find your voice in the world and is a creative outlet for you.

______10. Honor your body: Get in touch with the needs of your body. The more you stay grounded in your physical health, nutrition, and daily needs, the easier it is to manage fluctuating emotions.