Mystic Empath – Chapter 06 (i)

Practical Rituals for all Empath Archetypes

In this section, you will be given practices for common things that empaths encounter or find challenging. Life is what you need it to be; therefore, you can put on, take off, and try out different ways to manage the creation you are making with your existence.

This information should be modified based on your unique body, life, ability, comfort level, and so on. Always do your own research, explore, remain curious about yourself and see what feels right for you. Getting to know yourself is the greatest journey you can go on.

1. Approaching self-care

The approach an empath takes to their self-care can have a big difference in their day-to-day life. Your heightened awareness can propel you into roles that require more of your emotional energy and deplete your stores.

By being alert to these aspects, you are able to manage life’s ups and downs, anxiety, and interpersonal relationships with more ease. Each of the archetypes could benefit from a slightly different approach to their self-care. However, there are some practical tips that can be applied to all empaths.

Some key areas of life to be aware of are the many varieties of subtle ways that energies affect you. For example, you might be highly sensitive to certain foods or get particularly wired from caffeine or overstimulated in a crowd.

Your sensitivities can make you more vulnerable to others’ emotions, because your physical vessel, your body, is working extra hard to process certain substances or situations. Your guard weakens. Having well-established boundaries is one of the essential “survival” needs for empaths.

Whether people are aware or not, energy leaks out and spreads, and gets transferred, projected, and entangled with the energy of others. Setting boundaries is one of the most important aspects of self-care for an empath, and for people in general.

Ways to manage your self-care, mindfulness, and self-work are great avenues to understanding your complex needs and your relationship with setting appropriate boundaries, getting enough rest, and living life in a way that feels fulfilling.

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