Mystic Empath – Chapter 06 (viii)

8. Spirituality

A spiritual practice can be an important gateway into knowing yourself more deeply. Of course, each individual’s relationship, desire, and interest in spirituality will differ. Some empaths enjoy the spiritual dimension as your gifts open you up to a layer of meaning and connection that lends itself well for spiritual practice.

Other empaths may be more focused on physical wellness and managing things in the material plane or both. Some would argue that the physical is also spiritual and sacred. There is a concept known as immanence, in which the divine is in all things, from every cell and molecule to every tree and being, and so on. Whichever perspectives, beliefs, or spirituality relate to you are valid.

Here are some ways you may connect with yourself spiritually:

1. Start by honing your intuition

You most likely already have a highly developed sense of intuition. But it can sometimes be hard to trust what you are experiencing. This could be due to society or the social conditioning you grew up around. You may have been exposed to situations in which you were told what to do and to not follow your own intuition.

Here are some ways you can start to rely on your intuition for trusted and accurate

  1. Silently check in with yourself — if you are at an event, at work, or in a conversation, take a pause. Tune into your belly and see what you are really feeling; give yourself time to understand before drawing conclusions.
  2. Practice distinguishing fear and anxiety from intuition.
  3. Meditate regularly on the concept of trusting your intuition.
  4. Write things down. Record when you did or did not trust your inner guidance and how things unfolded.
  5. Work on your confidence and self-worth; developing these parts of yourself assist you in having more confidence and trust in your instincts as well.

2. All about the psychic side of being an empath: clairsentience

The psychic community has a term for empathic abilities called clairsentience. There is virtually no difference between clairsentience and being an empath aside from the fact that you can hone this ability for accuracy to be used in divination. You are naturally attuned to developing this gift for psychic purposes. But you don’t have to by any means, this is just one outlet for your empathic abilities.

Ways to develop clairsentience are learning to “sit in the power” of Spirit by connecting to the unseen realms of energy. This is just one example of a way to connect your spirituality with your empathic gifts. Some empaths feel that opening up these psychic channels can be overwhelming as you may have to manage an influx of emotions.

Keep in mind that a grounding practice alongside psychic development makes that work more sustainable if this is something that interests you.


  1. To begin developing clairsentience, you want to have a strong foundation in meditation.
  2. A regular 5- to 10-minute meditation practice, where you focus on “sitting in the power,” is a way to link with Spirit.
  3. To do this, start meditation by deep breathing and focusing on the breath.
  4. Ground and center yourself in the present moment.
  5. Moving your awareness up from the base of the spine to the crown of the head; start to call in an energy, light, or power from the spirit world.
  6. Call this energy in for the highest good, for your highest good, and for the highest good of those around you.
  7. Allow the sensation or visualization of a light emanating from above to cloak you in spiritual energy.
  8. Commune with this energy, feel its vibration, notice where it feels most active in your body.
  9. Become alert to the softening of your mind and thoughts.
  10. Things should quiet and you might feel at peace or you may become highly emotional at the connective experience to Spirit; there is no wrong way, just be.
  11. When you are ready, bring your awareness back into the present moment.
  12. This is a foundational exercise for working with psychic empathic energies.

3. Study spirituality

Spiritual practice can be greatly enhanced by spiritual study. By using your intellect, you are able to discern and organize the spiritual energies you may naturally feel as an empath.

Understanding the roots of the heart-openness and emotional intelligence found throughout mystical, religious, or spiritual knowledge can be deeply fulfilling.

You can study in a community or explore spiritual groups (preferably without strict hierarchical structures) to practice with.

Here are some steps to getting started or deepening your spiritual study and practice:

  1. Pick one tradition or concept to study for the time being; narrowing your focus can reduce mental and emotional clutter when engaging with spirituality.
  2. Gather resources online, through books, or content creators that speak to you emotionally; starting with the emotional self is a good way to know what your spirit is longing to go deeper with.
  3. Cultivate a heart of devotion, by dedicating yourself to the work you are doing, you are opening yourself up to deeper understanding of your chosen spiritual path.
  4. Read and learn as much as feels good for you. Knowledge is a portal toward a more nourishing spiritual practice.
  5. Stay curious, open-minded and flexible to shifting beliefs as you go along.
  6. Try things and don’t be afraid to let things go if they don’t resonate with you.

4. Empower yourself as a sovereign empath: Reclaiming your power

A concept in many spiritual traditions is discovering yourself as a sovereign being — one in which you choose the script for your own life. You sit at the center of your own energetic and spiritual powers from above and below you.

You have a deep self or higher self that can guide and direct your path. Developing a relationship with these sides of yourself that exist in spirit brings you into greater alignment with your purpose and path. It is an empowering journey to take and one that is yours alone.

Many myths, stories, and legends reflect the archetypal journey of the hero on their path, deepening their understanding of who they are. Your empath archetype is operating in much the same way, and one of the thresholds to cross over on your journey could be through reclaiming your personal power and sovereignty.

angel like art work

You are a being in your own right, with an entire matrix of emotions, beliefs, and patterns moving through life in the sacred physical vessel that is your body.

Empaths often have given up a lot of autonomy for the sake of appeasing others. People-pleasing tendencies show up frequently in the life of the empath.

Here is an exercise for calling your power (and therefore your life force and energy) back to you:


  1. Contemplate a time when you felt you compromised your own needs for someone else, to the detriment of yourself.
  2. Remember what this felt like or currently feels like.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine the energy you gave away returning to you.
  4. See it moving back to you energetically with love.
  5. With each breath, you are taking more and more of your power back.
  6. You can do this exercise as frequently as you want to, at the end of each day or weekly, for example, while you step into your power as a sovereign empath.