Mystic Empath – Chapter 10

The Mystic Empath’s daily routines & habits: who you are day-to-day

You approach each day with a sense of consistency and purpose. Your preference is to know what is coming and when. The Mystic Empath enjoys having a set routine and schedule. You are also very predictable with your habits and prefer not to make any major adjustments to how you do things on a whim. Everything you do requires a considerable amount of analysis before you proceed.

In general, you like to have a little time in the morning just for studying or spiritual practice. If people start contacting you too early in the day, you feel it is an invasion of your personal space. Your personality appreciates many of the social rules of engagement and when people overstep your personal boundaries, it can get under your skin.

Once a routine has been established as a habit, you are committed. You love to devote yourself to the things you feel are important and place the people, projects, and practices in your life in a place of high importance. When your routine is disrupted, you typically need some space to cope and wrap your head around the change.

You like to know when you have to be at work or appointments and like to get in at the same time every day to settle in—at least 10 minutes earlier before the actual start time. You always give yourself extra time to get to a place and err on the side of caution when plotting your routes and activities for the day.

Another area of preparedness is how you approach food, diet, and nutrition. You appreciate a good meal preparation plan and are specific about your diet. You like to be particular about the foods you are putting in your body and may do a lot of research on the production practices of companies. You stick to your routine of when you purchase your food each week, cook it, etc. The control and discipline over this area of life allow you a sense of stability.

When it comes to making plans with friends, you typically like to have a set meeting date and time in advance. Always educating yourself on things, you incorporate opportunities for learning into your adult life—attending community courses and continuing education and workshops. In addition, you also enjoy having regular meetups with friends for specific purposes, classes you take, or groups you are a part of.

Other things that give you a sense of security from day-to-day are having clearly defined routines for each part of the day. You feel that by doing things a certain way you are less likely to make a mistake or forget to do something on your task list.

You also tend to schedule things you have to get done on your days off, at which point it is a good idea to remind yourself that it is okay to relax. It can be a challenge for you to fully let go of responsibilities and just settle into a lazy day.

The way you approach schedules and routines is highly efficient and you stand to accomplish a lot in a day. Keep in mind that it is also helpful to break with routines at times. The disruption gives your mind time to creatively problem solve and engage with your surroundings in new ways.

Overall, you like the way you have chosen to structure your life. You are always willing to negotiate with yourself on what is and is not working and make minor adjustments accordingly. The Mystic Empath is a very reasonable personality type. As long as you have space and time for your spiritual practices and studies, you can make a variety of lifestyles work for you.

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