Mystic Empath – Chapter 11

The Mystic Empath personality in relationships, love, and friendship

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Introduction to your archetype’s personality in relationships

Relationships for you tend to require a lot of energy because of your reserved nature. Spending time with others can be quite draining, even though you really like people, you just prefer things to be low key and low pressure. Others enjoy spending time around you due to your kind and accepting attitude. This creates mutually respectful  energy between you and others.

You like to have a lot of time to feel comfortable opening up with the people you want to get to know better. Vulnerability is something that can be hard for you to access, therefore, you need to know the people you are sharing yourself with are a safe and gracious audience.

While you sometimes appreciate socializing in large groups, the desire to do so doesn’t always come naturally for you. This means you often have to motivate yourself to get out and do things. Your introversion means you recharge alone, so if you do not get enough time on your own to replenish your energy, you are at risk of feeling emotionally exhausted. Your preference is to spend one-on-one time with others or in small groups. Overall, you are loyal and very understanding towards the people you are in connection with.

Your archetype’s personality in love

You are a highly attentive lover. The partner you are with gets the benefit of being showered in your love and affection. When you are in a partnership, some of the best sides of your personality are on display; your selfless consideration of others’ feelings is even more apparent. Plus, you get to be in a situation where intimacy can be built allowing you to share more of yourself and be valued by another person.

You like to have a lot of personal space and room for privacy and your activities even while getting really close to another person. Your preference is not to integrate every aspect of your life with your partner’s. Instead, you like to share certain things together but then still have some of your interests and friends separate from each other. You have a relatively strong independent streak and don’t mind carving out your own life and experiences. You like your partners to have the same.

You appreciate commitments and structure within your romances. Not the type to date just to date, you are generally looking for a person that you can get into a relationship with. You like the stability and security that come with a defined connection.

In addition, you do well when the boundaries are clearly laid out and the expectations are discussed and agreed upon.

At the beginning of a connection, you might not articulate exactly what is on your mind. However, given some time, you will start to open up. You have a strong personality and the amount of self-reflection you do allows you an immense amount of insight into your personality. Once you feel comfortable with someone, it becomes much easier for you to express the nuanced layers of your experiences, desires, and feelings.

Your preference is to be romanced as you want to know the person you are sharing your affection with is outwardly cherishing you in return. This doesn’t mean that you require or even like grand gestures or displays of love, but you do need to know that the person’s heart is in it through their actions.

Within a partnership, you really start to build into a unit with the person you care about. You want someone you can lay bare your soul to and theirs to yours. Mutual trust is one of the most important things to you in relationships. When trust is present you are able to fully merge emotionally into the connection that is growing together while maintaining your sense of self.

A list of traits the Mystic Empath should look for in a romantic partner

You want someone around who you can feel free to express yourself and your spirituality. Being with someone that is also spiritual and understands your needs typically is the best match for you. So what traits should you look for in a romantic partner? Here is a list of some things that resonate well with the Mystic Archetype!

Someone who…

  • Likes to have deep discussions on a regular basis.
  • Questions and investigates the nature of reality.
  • Appreciates their alone time as much as you appreciate yours.
  • Is genuinely compassionate and kind.
  • Is community-minded but also a homebody.
  • Likes to take things slow.
  • Can actively listen and observe.
  • Encourages, supports, and champions your skills.
  • Brings a lot of passion into the connection.
  • Is devoted and loyal.
  • Appreciates and can articulate their desire for commitment.
  • Doesn’t pressure you to open up too soon.
  • Understands the experience of being an empath.

Your archetype’s personality in friendship

When it comes to your personality in friendship, you are often the one people go to for information. Amongst your friends, you’ve earned quite a reputation as someone with a lot of knowledge. You do like being in this role, but sometimes feel that your sensitive side gets overlooked as you lead with your intellect.

You are slow to develop friends, but once you have passed that awkward get-to-know someone stage, you are a friend for life. People know the perspective you share is sound. You are also very open and inviting, therefore, you could end up being friends with people that misalign with your values.

Over time, you come to be more discerning about who is deserving of your attention in friendships.

Generally, not one to attend a lot of busy or loud events, you much prefer having low-key gatherings at home where you can talk and exchange stories while sharing each other’s company. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you never attend parties, it just isn’t always your top activity to do with friends. Befriending people who also like easygoing and small get-togethers is your preference.

You like to have a spiritual community of people or at least a mentor you can spend time with. These relationships are very sacred to you and having someone to ask questions and dive into the depths and layers of your spirituality is very important to you.

Reaching out to find your spiritual people happens slowly and is something you long for; it is one of the few areas of life where you might show impatience. This could lead you to enter into dynamics with friend-mentors that are not always the healthiest for your empathic soul. Using good judgment is essential when getting into these complex types of relationships.

Overall when it comes to friends you tend to have a few very good and long-term friendships. You are expressive around people you can trust and feel at ease sharing your unique and often niche interests with those who have known you for a while.

Who the Mystic Empath is drawn to in friendship

You learn to be choosier about what draws you into a friendship over time. Finding people that share your perspectives can make a big difference to your self-esteem.

If you are always around people that nay-say your spirituality or beliefs, it can start to put a damper on your soul. Being more open to making friends with outwardly spiritual people can be a good thing for you.

You are drawn towards people that are deep thinkers and like to analyze things. Personality traits that you appreciate are people who are devoted to their values, patient, and polite. You like to be around people who are just as selfless as you are.

The Mystic Empath’s compatibility with other Empath Archetypes in friendships

Empath archetypes that vibe well with your energy are:

These archetypes are all very practical personalities, which is something you deeply appreciate. They are also all dedicated to their truths and learning as much as they can. You easily get along with the methodical and deliberate character traits of the Alchemist and Goddess Empath. You also appreciate people who are careful and discerning, which are traits you admire in the Healer Empath.