Mystic Empath – Chapter 16 (iii)

3. List of alternative healing methods and wellness practices

Always discuss treatments specifically to you with your physician or practitioners.

Here are some healing methods that might work for you:

  1. Float tanks
  2. Spas and bathhouses
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Reiki and energy healing
  5. Massage
  6. Hot yoga
  7. Prayer, mantras, chanting

Healing methods and wellness practices that incorporate more warmth into your life are recommended; this could be through hot yoga, bathhouses, steam rooms, and even massage. Moving the energy through your body in this way increases your life force and centers you in the physical body.

Your mind is one of your most powerful tools. The internal monologue that you have going on within yourself can have a profound effect on how you feel about life. For this reason, prayer, mantras, and chanting can help program you towards the mindsets you want to have. These practices can help you frame your life and circumstances on the terms you want.

Sensory deprivation through float tanks can also be a very relaxing and healing experience for you. A float tank is a dark tank filled with saltwater. The saltwater makes you float, and the silence and darkness of the tank minimize distraction and perception. They can help clear you, calm your nervous system, and allow you to rest in a low stimulus altered state.

Finally, energy healing, especially reiki, can be beneficial to you. You can find appreciation for this approach and benefit from chakra clearing and alignment. Your subtle senses pick up on the healing that can occur from an experienced practitioner of this method.

4. Divination tools for the Mystic Empath’s self-reflection

Divination tools are a great way for empaths to dive into the energy currents of their lives. You can excavate the archetypal themes that are playing out in the present moment as you tap into the collective wells of psychic wisdom.

Keeping a journal of your divinatory insights over time can reveal a lot about where you have been and where you are going on your path. It supports your accuracy as an intuitive and lends you a glimpse into how things are connected. You can then reflect on what you have learned and come into a closer examination of your own psyche.

Divine Oracle Decks

You are naturally adept at hearing universal truths and messages. Oracle cards, especially ones with imagery that uses angels, ascended masters, goddesses, and other deities or the divine, are all decks that are likely to resonate with your energy. You can perform readings for yourself or others and might even be the one amongst your family or friends who is asked to tune in and retrieve messages using these card pulls.

Another option is to do a daily card pull devotional for insights into the day’s spiritual forecast. Knowing the energetic weather for the day can support you in rooting into your intuitive guidance when you need it. An oracle deck can link you in with the unseen forces that work behind the scenes in your and other people’s lives. A connection to this knowledge helps improve your psychic vision.

Reading Candles

Candle reading is a form of divination that will let you know if a candle that you light with a specific intention will come to fruition or not. Reading the way the wick lights, the direction the wax drips, the strength of the flame, and so on can inform you of what energy is behind it. There are various ways to read these signs.

Consider exploring this topic further and researching what candle reading methods resonate with you. When you want to know the outcome of a ritual you performed, a candle can be a very supportive tool in the process.

Stream of Consciousness Writing

Sometimes intuitive or psychic messages can come to you swiftly through the act of stream of consciousness writing. This process involves writing whatever comes to mind without stopping to assess or analyze the writing. Ideally, the words are coming out before you have time to premeditate on them. If you have a question and want to look at it through oracular foresight, then this divination technique may work for you.

After you move into a somewhat altered state for writing, you can then read through the messages that came through and see if anything relates to the question you stated before getting started. In addition, you can also use this process as a way to journal and see what is on your subconscious mind day-to-day.