Mystic Empath – Chapter 16 (v)

7. Practical Exercises for understanding your moods and emotions

Getting to know yourself as an empath is strengthened when you have a deeper understanding of the ebb and flow of your feelings.

Tracking your moods on a regular basis and taking note of what might trigger a change in your temperament can be extremely insightful.

The Mystic Empath tends to retreat into their mind when feelings are overwhelming or intense. You might dissociate as a way to intellectualize and rationalize what you are experiencing. In addition, you could look for a reframe at times and avoid seeing things for how they truly are.

Avoid feeling pressured to be positive to the point of it becoming toxic positivity. It is okay to feel bad if you are feeling bad or upsetting things are taking place. The most important thing to remember is to honor your feelings as they are and for what they are. Emotions are fleeting—this is a sure thing—so remembering their temporal energy can help you be present with them as they are happening. Knowing the truth of your emotions can only lead to a deepening understanding of self and a strengthened awareness of who you are.

Here are some techniques you can use to understand yourself:

1. Talk therapy

A great method for you to become involved with is talk therapy, psychoanalysis, or other forms of counseling. Having an outside provider to help you gain perspective gives you a look into often uncharted aspects of your emotions. They can help you keep track of how things impact you and how you manage your feelings. Plus there are many different methods for getting into the layers of your psyche and processing relationships, bonding methods, childhood, and more.

2. Astrology natal chart reading

Having a birth chart analysis can be extremely insightful. More than just a Sun sign, each planet was in a zodiac sign at the time of your birth. So you’ll have a Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars sign, and more. Each component of a chart provides information for how you have chosen to come into this life and the elemental and energetic essence of who you are.

Get to know your Moon sign in particular, which is symbolic of how your body and spirit are best nurtured. By having this information, you will understand what you can integrate into your daily life for better self-care and self-knowledge.

You can come to understand that the roles in life you take on are necessary, and even though they are not the most spontaneous and wild, they are extremely valuable. Astrology helps one see the beauty and specialties of each zodiac sign’s purpose and characteristics.

3. Crystal, animal, and plant symbolism

Another way to get to know yourself is to research the meaning of the symbolism behind the crystals, animals, and plants that you are drawn towards. There is a reason that certain things call to you. The more you listen to the utterances of the Universe, the more likely you will start to encounter the same symbols, images, and messages.

There is a ton of information out there on correspondences. So if you, for example, start to hear a crow caw every morning, then find a crow feather on your walk to work, and then dream about a crow—that’s a lot of evidence that this archetype is trying to get your attention.

Research the symbolism around the crow, or whatever imagery is coming up for you.

The things that speak to you are also a part of you. In this way, you can embody and embrace the spirit of these things and understand what currents of energy you are emotionally and spiritually processing or working through.


8. Practical Mystic Empath A to Z: sometimes it’s the little things . . .

  1. Practice mindfulness.
  2. Slow down and take your time.
  3. Reduce the pressure you put on yourself.
  4. Collect more experiences.
  5. Devote more time to having fun.
  6. Let your passion guide you.
  7. Deepen your relationships.
  8. Wear a tiger’s eye necklace.
  9. Drink healing and herbal teas.
  10. Organize your library.
  11. Reduce digital clutter.
  12. Create rituals around your routines.
  13. Avoid overbooking yourself.
  14. Research and learn as much as you can.
  15. Ask people to teach you.
  16. Find ways to be more expressive.
  17. Do chakra meditation alignments.
  18. Regularly clear the energy in your living space.
  19. Do daily devotions or oracle card pulls.
  20. Find a community of like-minded people.
  21. Participate in workshops and classes.
  22. Take an interest in community events.
  23. Journal regularly.
  24. Eat the foods you love more often.
  25. Don’t always have an agenda.
  26. Spend time in nature regularly.
woman meditating