Mystic Empath – Chapter 17

Finding your joy in being a Mystic Archetype


The Mystic Empath is on a journey of self-unfoldment. You are on the path of divine knowing and learning to trust in this life laid out in front of you. It will not always be easy, but your relentless pursuit of the truth will emerge in the form of wisdom as a result. While it will not always seem obvious at the moment, when you look back, you will be able to view just how much understanding you have gained.

The teachers you meet along the way, whether they are actual mentors or just experiences, are all valuable to your growth. You are connected to the Universe; you are spiritually inclined and know a deeper meaning exists in all that you do. You pick up on what is present, the lessons, and the hidden symbolism.

Your mentors become important friends to you and help you construct a community of people who can exchange ideas and share spiritual perspectives. You are helpful and devoted to the people in your life and find your joy in seeing the people you know also spiritually fulfilled.

Life for you is like a library, you amass books and knowledge. You can share your viewpoints through writing, creativity, music, art, and more. Being respected and appreciated for what you bring to the table brings you great joy. Seeing other people light up at the same things that make you light up fuels your passion.

When you are connected to the thread of your life force you are able to accomplish many amazing things. As you stay connected to the Universal flow, you feel united with the center of all being and all that is. This is what motivates you to stay tuned in to your feelings which live at the heart of who you are. Your empathic connection to the divine informs all of your life and all of your actions.