Mystic Empath – Chapter 08

Mystic Empath: In-Depth Profile

Who you are . . .

mystic art work

Keywords: Vessel for the divine, wise sage, teacher-student, student-teacher, lifelong learner, curious, smart, scientific, prophet, compassionate, poet

Tarot Cards: The Hierophant (spiritual teacher, ritual, study)

Crystal Energy: Blue Sapphire (intuition, wisdom, truth, focus)

Animal Spirit: Raven (secret knowledge, vision, trickster)

Elements: Fire and Water

Your Affirmations:

  • I share what I know
  • Learning nourishes my soul
  • My devotion is sacred

You embrace life with an approach that there is more than what you see. You feel on a deep emotional level the mystery inherent in the universal energies that are at work. Your heart is open and compassionate. You often keep to yourself and retreat into your own experiences.

A sensitive soul who needs to hide but longs to be seen, your life is filled with dichotomous feelings, paradoxes, and duality. A sense of oneness happens when you merge your emotional self with the world and people around you. Finding community lights up your spirit.

Your nature is to learn, study, and gather knowledge. A book is never too far away from you and new areas of interest are consistently appearing. You are reliable and dependable. You mean what you say and hold yourself to very high standards.

In addition to being a thinker and an analyzer, you also know how to hold the spiritual experiences of mysticism in your heart. You cannot help but spend your time on the things that are meaningful to you.

You are drawn towards patterns and systems of thought along with a deep and intuitive understanding of symbology. The way you feel about things is first filtered through your intellect and then reaches your emotional center.

You often try to elucidate your feelings through rational explanation, however, learning to embrace the fleeting nebulosity of your sensitivities can help you move into more well-rounded self-acceptance.

Over time, you come to embody your spiritual experiences and integrate the sacred and the profane into one. This echoes the meaning you find through your relationship with the divine.

Your actions are devotional and deliberate, rarely do you do anything without thinking it completely through. Your intentionality makes you very considerate as a person. You are able to respond as opposed to being reactionary. The steps you take in life are carefully planned and gently thought out.

Overall, you are a conscientious person. You avoid taking up too much space, however, you are learning to externalize parts of your rich inner life. Your empathic self is sensitive to criticisms, and you are naturally shy. These sides of you do motivate you towards a certain perfectionism and desire to do things the “right” way.

As your life unfolds and your experience grows, your wisdom matures and your cautiousness turns to confidence. Embracing your role as an expert helps you espouse and disseminate all of the knowledge you have been accumulating. Once you can stand firm in the total embrace of your skills, abilities, and depth, you start to recognize just how much you really know and how much people may need to hear your story.

Set yourself up for success as a Mystic Empath

As we get into your in-depth profile, let’s first look at ways to support your self-care. Each archetype has a curated list of what is most resonant and beneficial for their specific empath personality.

You can find more success when you manage your personal boundaries and recognize that you are doing more emotional processing than you might realize. With some basic self-care covered, you are then able to turn your attention towards some of the more nuanced experiences of being a Mystic empath.

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Self-Care Checklist for the Mystic Empath

______1. Consistency: You like things to be predictable. For you, this may mean having a set schedule or time that you do things each day. Embrace this organized side of yourself. Create a daily routine, block scheduling, or anything else that works for you in order to honor what grants you a sense of security.

______2. Home Library: Books are right up your alley. Having the written word around you inspires and delights you. Spend time building up your reference and spiritual book collections. This is a comfort as well as a source of motivation for you to keep learning and growing.

______3. Social life: Devote more space to having a social life. Although you enjoy time to yourself, having a social life brings a better sense of balance to your activities. Plus, having people around you, allows you to share your personality with others and helps you build your confidence, let yourself go, and experiment with being more flexible and adaptable.

______4. Meditation: Regular meditation works wonders for you. Consider incorporating an ongoing meditation practice into your daily or weekly schedule. Notice what time of day meditation is most beneficial to your mental wellness.

______5. Style yourself creatively: One way you can get in touch with your passion is to express yourself through your appearance. Staying in touch with the things that inspire and epitomize you is one way to support your confidence and self-care.

______6. Ideas sharing: You feel most alive when you can share your ideas with others. Find a way to get your thoughts out into the world. It could be through a social media account, a blog, a meeting group, etc.

______7. Spirit activating crystals: Carrying crystals around with you that enhance and cleanse your aura is a great way to stay actively in touch with your spirituality throughout the day. Some crystals that work well for you are angel aura quartz, clear quartz, azurite, blue kyanite, and celestite.

______8. Smoke cleanse: Cleansing your space with herb, incense, or resin smoke is a great way to bring a gentle calm to your environment. You can use scents for various purposes to get you in a mystical or magical mindset.

______9. Be present in the early morning: Consider having an extended morning routine. Giving yourself extra time in the morning to do the things you love, meditate, stretch, drink coffee, etc. allows you a set contemplative space in the day just for yourself.

______10. Check-in with your gut: Your instincts are a powerful tool, and often underutilized by you. Constantly checking in with your gut energies, located just above the navel, at the solar plexus chakra, helps you develop your sense of self. It allows you to express yourself more powerfully and trust your experiences from a place of intuition.