Sacral Chakra Balancing Practices for Empaths

Energy work, like chakra balancing, is incredibly important for empaths because we move through the world receiving and absorbing a lot of emotions from the people around us and the environment.

Doing simple, daily energy work practices can help you feel more secure, not so drained, and give you more energy to go out and explore life without feeling overwhelmed.

Chakra balancing is an essential skill for empaths to learn, and one of the most vital chakras for us to focus on is the sacral chakra, in the lower abdomen. This is the second chakra in the body and it’s responsible for receiving, processing, and storing emotional information.

The sacral chakra is the one to focus on when you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, feel like you keep taking on too much, when you’re heavy, low, confused, or can’t even decipher what your feelings are telling you because you’re holding onto so many of them.

It’s vital to learn how to differentiate between the emotions you’ve picked up from others and those that stem from your internal self, and the sacral chakra is where you can do just that.

So here are two simple energy work practices you can use to balance your sacral chakra. These will help you create stronger boundaries around your emotional energy, and revitalize your personal well of life force energy whenever you feel low or depleted.

Ground & Release

The first practice is to ground and release other people’s energy from your sacral chakra.

  • Stand or sit comfortably, put your feet flat on the floor- bonus points for doing it barefoot outside
  • Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, let yourself relax
  • Imagine roots growing down from the soles of your feet, going down, down, down into the ground to connect into the center of the Earth
  • Now place your hand on your lower abdomen beneath your belly button- you can rub your hand in circles around your belly button if it feels good
  • Then say out loud, or in your mind:
    • “I release all energy that doesn’t belong to me”
    • “I release all emotions in my sacral chakra that are not mine to process”
    • “I release any heavy, stagnant, or stuck emotional energy that is not mine to hold”
  • As you say these words, imagine the ick, the gunky energy and sludge releasing from your sacral chakra, moving down your body, down and out the bottom of your feet, into those roots and back into the Earth to be composted
  • Do this releasing process as long as you feel like you need to, then hold both hands on your lower abdomen, one over the other, breathe in, and say to yourself:
    • “I bring all of my energy back to myself.”
  • Repeat this three or more times, as long as it feels good, then take a deep breath in and feel restored!

This is a great exercise to do every day. Try it in the morning to start your day grounded and centered in your own energy, and at night before bed to let go of all the energy you’ve collected. Do it in the shower as you wash away the energy of the day, or anytime you think of it or need it. You can make it as long or short as you have time for.

Refill the Well

After you’re done releasing the icky energy, you want to refill your sacral chakra with fresh, vital, life-giving energy.

The sacral chakra is where we create from, where we feel our feelings, where our gut instincts lie. It’s where we experience passion, desire and pleasure, and is energetically like a well full of water.

So, after you drain it and clear its energy, the next step is to refill your sacral well with all that good stuff you want to feel, how you desire to feel, how you deserve to feel.

  • Lie down on your back, or in a relaxed seated position where you can get comfy and daydream
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths as you let your body relax
  • Focus on your sacral chakra, placing your hands there if it feels good- you can also place a carnelian, obsidian, or other favorite crystal on your sacral area
  • Now imagine a well, pool, lake, or body of water of some sort there in your sacral chakra
  • What does the water look like, in your imagination? Let your mind wander and be honest. Is it murky? Is it a dry lake bed? Is it a tumultuous dark ocean? Is it a whirlpool of grief? Trust what you feel or imagine
  • Then, with your hands or a crystal on your belly, imagine beautiful, vibrant golden energy coming into your sacral chakra waters, filling them up with glittering light and healing
  • See the light swirling and feel into its energy- imagine it refilling and revitalizing your chakra until your sacral waters become crystal clear, still, and calm
  • Now imagine a bubble of light surrounding your sacral chakra, containing and protecting its vital, glowing, energy
  • Feel into the creativity, pleasure, and desire that’s here, and take that feeling with you into the rest of your day

This practice helps to create an energetic boundary around your emotional energy, to deflect energies from the outside world that you don’t want to take on, and help you maintain your own sense of self. Use it whenever you feel depleted, heavy with emotions, confused, anxious, or insecure.

And anytime you release unwanted energy, you create a vacuum that needs to be filled, so make sure to fill it back up with vibrant light, with love, with all the good stuff.

Try these practices out and see if you can feel the difference in yourself! Some effects happen immediately, but you’ll notice yourself starting to feel better and better the more often you use them.

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