Seeker Empath – Chapter 10

The Seeker Empath’s daily routines & habits: who you are day-to-day

On a daily basis, the Seeker Empath meets life with awe. You can sometimes even be overwhelmed by the astonishing beauty you sense in your experiences. Your archetype often starts the day off by checking in with things outside of yourself as you are generally broad-minded and searching—you may read your horoscope, jump on social media, or glance at your messages.

Your preference is to then turn your attention towards you-time by doing your spiritual practice, reflections, meditations, yoga, etc. This time is likely very important to you and can help set the vibe for the day ahead. Without this space, you feel like you are rushing into tasks or work—which can leave you feeling unfulfilled on the whole.

Finding moments to process things you are going through is generally a vital part of each day for you. Even though you tend to be introspective, you do want built-in time for being with others. Nourishing your spirit through community, conversation, and forming connections is profoundly important to you.

In addition, you want to be in touch with others. The people in your life mean a lot to you and the bonds that you have are worth fostering. You are happy to lend a listening ear or offer advice to a friend or family member in need.

At times, you may have a reputation for being ‘woo woo’ among your circle of friends; offering to pull out a deck of oracle cards or mentioning what sign the Moon is in that day. Even if you get teased a little about it, people secretly like it and are attracted to your mystical sensibilities.

Meals and grounding are often neglected as you easily get absorbed in the things you are busy doing. You may deep dive into a certain spiritual topic or be focused on work. This can be a habit that leaves you depleted. Packing your meals for the day ahead of time and remembering to eat, rest, and hydrate are important elements for improving your daily routine.

Spiritual ritual is important to the Seeker Empath. On a daily or regular basis, you like to engage with your practices, lighting candles, meditation, journaling, and all relevant activities—especially in the evening before bed.

By the time the day ends, you may feel your energy fading fast from the energetic, spiritual, and emotional output that goes into your daily living. Having a somewhat set evening routine works well for you and prepares you for deep sleep and dreaming.

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