Seeker Empath – Chapter 11

The Seeker Empath personality in relationships, love, and friendship


Introduction to your archetype’s personality in relationships

When it comes to relationships, you show up with your most external self first. There is often a period of blind trust until you discern otherwise. For this reason, you subconsciously don’t give your whole self away right off the bat. Your preference is to share your interests before exposing your emotions or vulnerabilities.

You are intuitive so when you ease off you are able to figure out someone’s true intentions. As a Seeker Empath, giving space for you to reveal your boundaries is important for your connections. You often get carried away in the potential that a connection holds. You see things unfolding in a certain way and your behavior may be influenced by this future expectation.

Your relationships tend to be quality over quantity. The more real you can get with someone and create a mutual exchange of trust, the deeper you will be able to go. Working on your own self and knowing your patterns and tendencies will assist you in developing healthy relationships as an empath.

Your archetype’s personality in love

For an empath, falling in love is a magical experience. You believe in soulmates and sometimes twin flames. There is a sense of destiny in your search for love, and you are not willing to settle. When you like someone, you really like them—and you give yourself over to the connection that is being woven.

Relationships are a reflection of your own identity. When you are getting to know someone, you shift through variations of merging. At first, you see how much you have in common with them! You feel everything they feel stemming from your longing for unity and visibility.

Then as the relationship continues, you generally start to differentiate yourself from them—seeking individual definition. When in a long-term relationship, you generally reach a point where you can healthily be yourself while also being a part of the connection; it just takes you some time to find the nuance between the two.

Your relationships are some of your biggest teachers and assist you in identifying where entanglements, toxic, and vampiric relationships stem from. Because you have a positive outlook and seek out the best sides in people, you sometimes overlook when someone is being hurtful to your sensitive soul.

Watching for your repeat cycles and using your empathic abilities on yourself can help bring clarity to what you are feeling. If you tune into yourself and sense something is off about a connection, trust that information. Understand insecurities that may have arisen in your self-exploration and attempt to reformulate the way you engage in your future relationships.

When dating someone, you want all parts of you to be appreciated, not just the ones that are seen. You prefer to be with people who will share your desire for experiencing existence as unified and connected.

Adventuring with your partner is one way you express yourself in love. You like to make plans to travel, go stargazing, be in nature, or other mind-expanding activities. Doing things together is how you build intimacy and enjoying new experiences breathes continued life into a relationship for you.

You are often very flexible in the way you structure your life around relationships. You might be the one to change housing, location, or work for a lover. This can be both a positive and negative experience for you—depending on how you feel and if your motivation is just for the sake of the other person or if you get some soul nourishment out of it as well.

Sacrificing your dreams or desires for a lover happens easily for you. Therefore, it is good to create some kind of set goals or plans for your own self—even if it is hard for you to approach things from a business-like mindset. Avoid your dreams falling by the wayside, which is a pattern the Seeker Empath can slip into for the sake of love.

Finally, you are in search of a relationship that feels true and meaningful. Putting your faith in the universe and the destiny that is laid out for you, can bring you a sense of comfort on the path to love. Overall, you can find peace, harmony, and a deep sense of belonging with the right person.

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A list of traits the Seeker Empath should look for in a romantic partner

So what traits should you look for in a romantic partner? Here is a list of some things that resonate well with the Seeker Archetype!

  • Someone who is spiritual
  • Someone who likes to travel
  • Someone who will let you follow your dreams
  • Someone who will give you time in opening-up
  • Someone who will go deep with you
  • Someone who will take care of mundane and practical matters
  • Someone who will not take advantage of your flexibility
  • Someone who will support your spiritual path and be doing their own spiritual self-work
  • Someone who likes astrology
  • Someone who believes in true love
  • Someone who will cook for you

Your archetype’s personality in friendship

In friendship, your personality truly shines. You are an amazing and caring friend. Creating deep lasting connections is very important to you. Having people in your life who support you and can watch you grow on your path allows you to experience the positives in life. It can take some time for you to find others who you feel truly valued by.

You may feel that many people know you, but only some people really know you. Opening up as a Seeker Empath is hard. And getting to the point where you feel you can trust someone to be fully accepting of you in all your capacities takes time—valuable time that you are more than willing to put in.

You genuinely are interested in other people’s experiences and are curious about life, mystery, and discovery. When you can find a friend who shares your interests or is just as eccentric themselves, you put in the effort to forge a connection. Another empath makes for a great friend, as you both will have a general idea of how to accommodate each other’s needs.

Who the Seeker Empath is drawn to in friendship

You are drawn to different people for different reasons. Friendships that feel healthy for you are collaborative and enjoyable. As a Seeker Empath, you do tend to get drained no matter who you are spending time with and you value your own time to recharge.

Sometimes you are drawn to people who seem more linear and approach life with a very logical mindset. This could be because you feel ungrounded at times or “spaced-out” and might crave a solid presence of someone who sees life in a more structured way. If the connection is playful enough, this type of connection can work for you.

In general, however, you appreciate friendships where you can be silly, feel free to dream, imagine, and discuss the things that matter most to you. It can be a challenge to get to the deeper stuff right away, but it is all there waiting to be explored with the right bestie.

When you can get past the awkward beginning phases of forging a friendship, you can truly find some amazing people—just like you. At times, you feel isolated or that there is no one else out there like you. Shifting your perspective can help you open up and attract into your life the people that are meant for you.

Seeker Archetype’s compatibility with other archetypes in friendships

Empath archetypes that vibe well with your energy are:

The empath archetypes that deeply resonate with you tend to be the ones that also have a spiritual desire and longing for unveiling the mysteries of the universe. The Wanderer Empath can make for a great friend, as this creative empath type approaches life with the fluid or unifying nature that you seek to understand.

You appreciate the dedication, devotion, and commitment that is seen in the Mystic and Healer Empath personality. These are people you find you can have long discussions with; allowing you to learn things and exchange each other’s spiritual wisdom and perspectives.

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