Seeker Empath – Chapter 12

The Seeker Empath personality in family dynamics


When it comes to family the Seeker Empath is often labeled the ‘free-spirit.’ It is hard for you to follow the exact path that the adults in your life may have set for you. There is a spiritual yearning that leads you to search and explore beyond the well-trodden path of societal success.

As you read this section keep the following in mind:

  • Family can be chosen.
  • Your situation is unique to you and every aspect of your life cannot be covered in a single archetype.
  • Family roles are variable and not necessarily gender-specific.

The Seeker Empath’s personality within the family

Family life for the Seeker Empath will have its ups and downs depending on what the environment of your upbringing was like. A lot of creativity and self-expression could have been a key element of your archetype’s childhood.

This archetype may have had to give up their family’s religious beliefs due to a calling towards another belief/religion. Your sensitive nature means you wouldn’t want to upset or disrupt the balance in your family life. But you might have come to a point where you were unable to maintain the path laid out for you.

This would mean that something had to shift. Your personal growth and development journey, within the context of your family, could have a lot to do with striking out on your own and forging your own way, finding your own community, and choosing your family.

Discovering your true desires and self—living accordingly and working through any guilt that arose from needing to do your own thing could be a part of the Seeker Empath’s life journey. Family dynamics are likely of interest to you and researching the psychology of these interpersonal connections, roles within the family, and attachment style may spark your inquiring mind.

The Seeker Empath as a parent

Feel free to flex the concept of ‘parent’ to your situation when reading this section.

The children of a Seeker Empath are very fortunate to have you as a parent. You pour all of your cosmic energy into the beings you care for. If you are an artist, these creations are like your star children.

You are spiritually very nourishing to others and share the subtle energies of the unseen with those around you. Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything, the flow just happens and the sensing and healing magic transfers on a subconscious level.

You could be the type of parent that would homeschool your kids or provide an unconventional education. Your feelings, opinions, views about nature, reality, and the universe would have been best cultivated if the adults in your life allowed you to explore them more freely—and you want this for your kids. Sometimes it feels like you are giving them the upbringing you may not have had.

You believe in the autonomy of children and their completeness unto themselves. Empowerment is an important part of your parenting approach. You want to assist your children in finding their own way and asserting what they want, whilst at the same time sharing your abundant love, compassion, and gentle direction giving.