Seeker Empath – Chapter 14

Seeker Empath’s spiritual path to meaning

Essential to the Seeker archetype is meaning—spiritual awakening and study are a huge part of how you explore this. As your archetype’s name implies, there is an endless sense of learning. You want to know. Your spiritual pursuits can feel like an essential, not just a passing interest.

Following this impulse is important for your soul to feel nourished. The health of your spirit depends on your tenacious commitment to the seeker’s path. You may pursue initiation into spiritual traditions, have many teachers, and apply the practices you learn. In addition, you can find a way to incorporate the spiritual lessons you encounter into practical reality when you set your mind to it.

Your desire to understand mystery is your driving motivation. Behind the easygoing dreaminess of your personality, lives an intense need to uncover the truth. You run towards the questions that are hardest to answer. Your path involves looking in every nook and cranny for the wisdom you long for.

This desire sets you to task causing you to end up on multiple spiritual paths of study. In this section, you will be guided through some general spiritual concepts that may resonate with your archetype.

Cosmology and Spirituality for the Seeker Empath

A spiritual path that has a focus on cosmology appeals to your type. You like to contemplate the nature of time, creation, and existence. Your type feels in touch with the universal forces—energies such as cosmic or primordial goddess, elemental powers, and the divine all appeal to your spiritual aesthetic.

You want to feel uplifted by your practices and therefore, will often look to the macro currents of spiritual energy and high vibration types of spirituality. You could be drawn towards spiritual practices and traditions such as:

  • Eclectic New Age Spirituality (Including concepts: Ascended Masters, angels, crystals, akashic record, channeling, sacred geometry, etc.)
  • Eclectic Wicca
  • Mystic Traditions
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Spiritual and Psychological concepts for you to explore

Psychic Abilities: you possess a natural psychic ability. This can be developed, especially in relation to empathy. You can explore all the ‘claires’—clairvoyant, clairaudience, clairsentience, and more. Opening up these portals in your energy field provides you with need-to-know information and assists you in your spiritual development.

Shadow Work: is a concept that comes from psychology, but variations are found by different names in many different cultures through history and contemporary spirituality. Shadow work is facing the parts of yourself that you would rather not confront. Going through these difficult layers of the psyche can open you to levels of healing you didn’t even know were holding you back. The self-awareness that comes from the ongoing shadow-work journey is great for an empath to reclaim power and find a sense of clarity.

Lucid Dreaming: your dreams talk to you. They are a spiritual realm where you can explore, process, and solve problems. Practicing lucid dreaming techniques is recommended for the Seeker Empath as a pathway for strengthening your spirit body.strong>Spirit guides: along with your psychic abilities, you may also be able to develop some skills related to tuning into high vibrational spirits. You might be interested in working with angels, spirit guides, or ascended masters for your own personal self-development. This skill set could also extend into the professional work you do.

How to find the spirituality that works for you

You change your mind a lot. It is part of the Seeker Empath’s charm! Your desire for merging with the universe is your ultimate destination. However, you need to experience this in a variety of ways to feel satisfied. You are here to learn—a student that will eventually become a teacher of your spiritual truths.

Finding a spirituality that allows for this generally needs to remain flexible enough to your shifting interests. Seeking out spiritual traditions that allow for you to take on different roles in ritual could be a good fit. In addition, paths that give you the autonomy to think for yourself are ideal.

At times in your life, you will prefer to be guided by a mentor, and at other times you enjoy going it alone or formulating solo ideas. Being able to engage then disengage with your spiritual practices can also feel important to you. Too much commitment to any one thing and you tend to get restless. Therefore, being able to study multiple traditions at once may work very well for you.

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How spiritual practice can help you manage your emotions

Your empathic mind is deeply attuned to what is happening around you. When you have a spiritual practice this allows the emotional input to be channeled somewhere. You are able to dispose of some of the excess energy in a way that can benefit how you feel on a daily basis.

The work you do spiritually reverberates beyond the self and can impact the entire world around you. In addition, you are able to find a spiritual community and lasting friendship by engaging in your spiritual seeking. This helps you find your people and be recognized by others. Your sensitive self will appreciate being validated by people of like mind.

Things like shadow work enhance your self-awareness. So when it comes to managing your emotions, you have a better handle on your own self. It helps you separate from the feelings of others so you can approach situations with the sensation of what someone else is going through, without feeling weighed down by their situation.

How to find your purpose as a Seeker Empath: learning to trust your deep self

Developing your gifts: Lightworker

This concept of finding one’s elusive ‘life purpose’ comes up a lot in modern spiritual discourse. A feeling that there is something you should be doing or a path you are supposed to pursue as a part of your mission appears to be a source of both stress and determination in folks. It can be helpful to remove the pressure around this concept as empaths are sensitive and don’t need any added stress.

The truth is, you can be doing a number of things that all relate to your ‘life purpose.’ Your purpose is to exist, do the things you love, and express yourself. The highest form of service to the Universe is through being your unique and brilliant self unabashed and unashamed.

The Seeker Empath has lightworker and Starseed types of characteristics. Developing these gifts allows you to step into healing roles that help you find meaning. There are many ways to share your healing energies with the world. You can do positive spiritual mending no matter where you are at.

Connect with your Trickster archetype: How to find and do what you love

Meeting different archetypes within yourself can be especially illuminating to finding your path in life. In archetypal psychology, the archetypes can be representative of different parts of yourself that make up the whole of your psyche. The Trickster archetype is a good one for the Seeker Empath to get in touch with as this allows you to see a side of aspects you might be missing.

How to meet your Trickster archetype

The Trickster is a disruptor, bringing a sense of humor, misfortune, and cunningness. By being in touch with this archetype, you can start to discover where your unique path is going. The way you tread will not look exactly like everyone else’s—even if it seems easier at times to follow what others are doing.

In order to find your true purpose, allying with the cunning energies of The Trickster can open you up to layers of yourself you have been denying all the time. The aspects of self that hide from you can actually come out to support you. Accepting that you have levels to yourself that are calculating can assist you in putting yourself out there in the world.

To tune into your trickster close your eyes and do a visualization of yourself walking down a forest path. You see a fox up ahead and follow it. See where the fox leads you… which way are you going? What does the mood of the visualization feel like?

All of the things that come up during this practice can provide you insight into the parts of yourself that can support you in wielding events in the way you want them to go. Take advantage of the fact that you are naturally kind. This keeps you from playing with ill-intent even when you are in touch with ‘the trickster’ within.

This archetype is a great teacher and on your path of initiation into the mysteries, you will meet many trickster types. Knowing your own Trickster Archetype will help you recognize the intentions of others. It will keep you safe from harm and prevent you from making certain decisions based on naivety. You will be able to see how you can subconsciously shape life to your will.