Seeker Empath – Chapter 16c

3. List of alternative healing methods and wellness practices

Your type is inspired by multiple healing modalities. You also do your research so you will intellectually know which ones to gravitate towards in addition to discussions with your healthcare practitioners.

Wellness practices that match with your archetype tend to have an understated, subtle or energetic medicinal aspect to them. For example, you are someone that may feel a great shift at your first session of an energy healing treatment while for someone else it could take several sessions.

You are very invested in the health of your spirit and your free time could be dedicated to holistic healing ventures. The Seeker Empath approaches wellness with open arms. Overall you trust that the services being rendered are effective. You tend to get recommendations for practitioners through word of mouth from friends.

Healing methods that speak to your creativity, as well as your spiritual self, are also a plus. You like to know about the meaning behind the materials used, so crystal healing, tarot readings, and art therapy lend themselves to your attunements. Massage helps you get into your body along with ecstatic dance and Kundalini yoga.

Here are some healing methods that might work for you:

  1. Energy Healing
  2. Chakra Cleansings
  3. Crystal Healing
  4. Art Therapy
  5. Massage
  6. Astrology or Tarot Readings
  7. Ecstatic Dance
  8. Sound Baths
  9. Kundalini Yoga

4. Divination tools for the Seeker Empath’s self-reflection

Divination tools are a great way for empaths to dive into the energy currents of their lives. You can excavate the archetypal themes that are playing out in the present moment. You can learn these divination tool suggestions for your archetype on your own or get a reading from a professional reader. There are plenty of resources out there!


You are the archetype that is most aligned with the cosmos. Astrology is your language, and you are able to understand both its esoteric and surface meaning. Studying astrology yourself—at least your own natal chart is an excellent tool for seeing the overall patterns that are at work in your life.

Astrology helps you connect to your sense of destiny. It can help you understand others better and give you tangible information regarding personalities for you to reflect on. Consider getting to know the Lunar cycle in detail. Follow the phases, which are individually best for different actions. Prepare for things ahead of time based on the Moon’s zodiac sign and waxing or waning phase.

Crystal & Gemstone Readings

Crystals are great allies to you. These earth energies speak to you and you may feel their vibration or sense the message they want to share. You are respectful of the stones—always asking permission before using them for a specific purpose—ethically sourcing, and taking your time in tuning in so you know which stones want to work with you.

There are many resources out there for learning about gemstone energies. Start exploring and keeping stones around your home or work environment. You can set up crystal grids and other configurations that allow for specific purposes and intention setting. Bags of tumbled stones added to charm bags can be used for divination readings laid out across a fortune-telling mat for example.

Dream Divination

Learning to divine the meaning of dreams can be a great tool to use with friends and family—or even yourself. The emerging patterns will start to tell a story. This skill can be combined with your intuitive and psychic abilities. You can get to know the dream world and the altered realities that exist in sleep as a tool for understanding the divine mystery. Your friends will be drawn towards your insightful and compassionate dream divinations. Trust that you can do this and follow your path.