Seeker Empath – Chapter 16d

5. Practical Boundaries: energy vampires and energetic protection

The topic of boundaries is very important to all empaths who tend to feel very challenged at developing healthy relationships. For the Seeker Empath, you do tend to invite people into your life that you admire but may not have your best interests at

Boundaries in general are a good way to ensure that you are also getting what you need out of a relationship or connection, job situation, and the like. By setting a boundary you are able to overcome feelings of fear, guilt, and shame as a part of your empathic journey.

Some people who are a part of your life, are described as having energy vampire-like behaviors. What this means is that they end up taking more than they give, or the relationship ends up feeling non-mutual energetically.

This can leave you vulnerable to being taken advantage of for your kindness as so many people are starved for affection, love, and care. This, however, doesn’t mean that it is your responsibility to fulfill the needs of those around you or individuals who are toxic, harmful, or abusive towards you—or just individuals you choose not to be that person for.

Protecting yourself from toxic energies is important in order for you to maintain your personal power, sovereignty, and sense of self. It is helpful as an empath to have systems in place that can help you manage your boundaries and energetic selfprotection.

Here are some suggestions for empathic boundary empowerment:

1. Consistent check-ins

Taking the time to check in with another person in the moment to gain clarity can make a big difference in avoiding negative and toxic people. Here is one way to gently confront a person you have just met or even someone you have known for a while.


  • If something feels off during an interaction, and it feels safe to do so, pause the conversation.
  • Simply ask: “Can you repeat that?”
  • If their energy and words continue to feel misaligned to you, then ask: “Can you clarify that?”
  • Keep going with this line of questioning until you get a better understanding of their energy and intentions.

Checking in during a conversation can make a difference. If someone is saying something that is boundary-crossing, it will become clear the more questions you ask. Asking questions gives the person you are confronting time to respond and think about what they are saying. Repeating your request for clarity eventually leads to information being shared that can help clarify the situation so you have more info to determine how you proceed.

2. Use your empathy for yourself

Being aware of your own energy field is helpful for understanding yourself. If you are unaware of what your energy field is doing, you can leak feelings, feel at a loss, or misinterpret situations. Learning to adjust your energy field based on the situation can make a huge difference in your life as an Empath with your Starseed-like tendencies.

You can alter what is happening in the subtle fields around you by willing it to be. Conducting a study on the structure of the soul could be a helpful avenue for connecting better with your personal energetic self.


  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Now see yourself sitting next to a double of yourself in your mind’s eye.
  3. Ask yourself to show you what you need to know about your feelings.
  4. Practice using your feeling mind rather than your thinking mind.
  5. What advice would you give to a friend if they were sitting where you are sitting now?
  6. What would you say regarding boundaries, energy vampires, and toxic relationship patterns?
  7. Contemplate this for as long as you need.
  8. Take in the information, but don’t feel you have to do anything with it at this time.
  9. You can write your thoughts down afterwards if you would like.
  10. Take a deep breath.
  11. Open your eyes to end this activity.

3. Make changes slowly

The pressure to do things in a rigid timeframe can cause stress. Permit yourself to not rush when you have the ability to adjust things within your preferred time frame. Sometimes change takes a while and you have to wait until you feel ready to confront or approach someone. You are allowed to do things at your own pace. This is part of your boundary work. Asserting the direction that things can take gives you the personal power and self-confidence you might need to really stand up for yourself.

6. Practical Ideas for grounding and anxiety

This section is especially helpful for your archetype. As a Seeker Empath, you sometimes feel “off-planet” in the sense that nowhere really feels like home. You sometimes find it hard to feel settled here on earth and creating a strong-knit community for yourself (something you want) can be challenging because you have an underlying sense of always having one foot out the door. Grounding and managing social anxiety and apprehension around the state of the world support your empathic journey.

Here are some grounding methods to be aware of for your specific archetype:

1. Take regular breaks from spiritual practice

You have a rich interior life. There are times when you spend hours or even days absorbed in thought about how things work spiritually. Your thirst for knowledge is admirable, but consider that you can actually gain more clarity when you take a break.

Habitual patterns eventually carve out pathways in your brain. These configurations have a tendency to become rigid or stagnant if diversity is not introduced from time to time. Taking a step back from a particular form of practice can reveal more than you realize.

A break can allow stuck energy to start flowing. In addition, the pressure to always be doing a certain thing can be removed, which sets you up for renewal. This helps you remain at ease and refuels your energy for when you are ready to reengage after a period of integration time.

2. Protection stones

Crystals are a great tool for your archetype. Stones can be used for many different purposes, especially protection. Each encounter you have with someone else can lead to a little bit of lost energy or your energy field being permeated. Some of the best stones for this purpose are ones that you can wear on your body.

Stones for The Seeker Empath:

  • Smokey Quartz
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Garnet
  • Iron
  • Hematite
  • Snowflake Obsidian
  • Howlite
  • Amethyst

Things to considers when working with protection gemstone jewelry:

  • The part of your body where you wear the stone can make a difference. For example, wearing a stone on a long chain over your heart protects and grounds your emotional body.
  • The metals (copper, bronze, gold, silver, and iron) or materials (hemp, string, or cord) that encase the jewelry alter and can enhance the vibration of the gemstone.
  • The addition of symbols and charms can amplify the effects.
  • Gemstones can be charged up for protection.
  • Gemstones should be cleansed under the Full Moonlight or left out for a day in the Sun if used regularly.
  • Gemstones can be used during meditation to align you with their protective powers.

3. Gemstone oils and flower essences

Other tools that use subtle energies to act on the body, mind, and psyche complex are gemstone oils and flower essences. These are great allies to have in your self-care tool box. Putting a drop of gemstone oil on your body before heading out into the world can add an energetic barrier of protection for sensitive people.

What is gemstone oil? A gem oil is an oil that has had a gemstone’s essence ‘infused’ into it. An oil such as olive, sunflower, almond, or jojoba is used and a gem placed in the oil. The crystal is then removed but the crystal’s healing properties have been energetically ‘infused’ into the oil.

What is a flower essence? Another powerful self-care technique for the Seeker Empath is the use of flower essences as an alternative to gemstone oils. These are elixirs that contain no plant constituents—just the energetic medicine of the flower or plant. This is a safe, gentle form of self-care.

4. Light candles

Finally, grounding and relief from anxiety can be supported by having set morning and bedtime routines. If you can cap the beginning and end of the day with even one small habitual ritual, you will feel much more at ease during waking hours. Do what works for you. Even a one to five-minute meditation each morning and each night will have an effect on the health of your spirit, body, and mind.

woman meditating