Seeker Empath – Chapter 17

Finding Your Joy in Being a Seeker Archetype

seeker empath

The Seeker Empath is on a journey of self-discovery and is committed to seeking answers to life’s biggest questions. You are emotionally tuned into the energy currents of the universe. You feel things on an expansive and massive scale. You live mostly in the realms above but can learn to travel to denser unseen spaces to learn about the nature of reality.

Finding your joy happens when you are truly yourself. When you embrace the things that make you quirky or weird, you tend to blossom. You come into yourself when you freely express what you like, your interests, and your personality. Your life path is about finding meaning in your experiences as a human.

You are able to find fulfillment in your seeking—let yourself explore, question, and believe. Allowing yourself the freedom to enjoy what it is that you genuinely are drawn towards, propels you on a path of immense spiritual potential and unfolding wisdom.