Seeker Empath – Chapter 08

Seeker Empath: In-Depth Profile

Who you are . . .

seeker empath

Keywords: As above, so below, Starseed, cosmic spirit, astrologer, star channeler, positive, abundant, a vessel for spirit, diviner, student of mystery, initiate

Tarot Cards: The Moon (intuition, cycles, mood, mystery)

Crystal Energy: Moldavite (from the stars, spiritual evolution)

Animal Spirit: Spider (weaving, wise, connected)

Primary Elements: Spirit (otherworldly, universal, subtle)

Secondary Element: Air (communicative, perceptive, intelligent)

Your Affirmations:

  • I know my purpose
  • I am part of something more
  • My wisdom flows within and without

You are a spiritual being, set afoot on a journey in this lifetime to discover the truth and share love, compassion, and the mysteries of being. Alignment with all parts of yourself allows you to shift in and out of states of consciousness for the purpose of expressing wisdom and creating a world of harmony, balance, and beauty.

Your empathic self is sensitive to the energies of the cosmos, which may attract you towards the all-encompassing spiritual forces of the universe. Approaching this life as a sensitive soul can take its toll on you, but you try to find the light amidst this challenge and making your way through for the highest good.

Finding meaning and purpose is of the utmost importance to you, which makes you a spiritual explorer. You are a very giving, understanding, and tolerant person —and seeing the energetic matrix that connects everything allows you to know how interweaving actions affect each other.

The night sky, the Moon, and stars are your guiding lights. Your spirit is called to look to these celestial cycles to understand the rhythms of your own soul. As an empath, you sometimes feel the weight of a deep longing to discover something more. This often leads you to seek out experiences that reveal to you where true connection lives and paints your life with a sensation of unity towards merging with all that is.

Set yourself up for success as a Seeker Empath

The Seeker Empath is open and sensitive to the rhythms of the universe. Sometimes these are big waves of emotions—you might even get a sudden rush of sensation, a deep sadness, or an overwhelming sense of joy out of nowhere.

These are signs that you are tuned into the broader energy currents of this planet. Your deep self, which has access to the collective, is in touch with your conscious self. This indicates that you may be receiving messages in the form of emotions based on current global and societal events.

By naturally tapping into the expansive vibration beyond the self—your personal energy body sometimes feels untethered as you easily escape into the realms of imagination, vision, and spirit. Finding your perfect balance can improve your life as an empath. Discover the center point between above and below.

Continuously bringing yourself back to the body and the physical world of matter is essential for your archetype. You are already open and therefore can integrate your spiritual experiences more easily when you align your sacred physical self.

This awareness brings you into the present and allows you to have more fulfilling relationships with both yourself and others. It helps you assert your needs, starting with the physical body by exploring your boundaries, desires, and longings. Mindfulness is a tool that gives your empathic intuition a place to root and therefore can grow into managing your empathic power.

Below is a self-care checklist for the Seeker Empath to help you approach your daily life with intention and a commitment to self-care.

Self-Care Checklist for the Seeker Empath

______1. Rootedness visualization: Take a quick moment to close your eyes and tap into the energetic roots that tether you to the here and now. See the roots of a tree growing beneath you, downward into the soils and layers of the earth. Anytime you feel you are floating off when you would rather be present is a good time to apply this technique.

______2. Grounding teas: If you are a tea drinker, some excellent root teas can help with feeling more grounded. A deliberate and direct approach through the remedies that teas provide may assist you in your overall self-care.

______3. Gemstone allies: Carrying gemstones with you regularly can assist in protecting and adjusting your energy field. You are closely aligned with the energy of crystals and therefore can deeply connect with these planetary allies for assistance in your self-care.

______4. Do your research: Being armed with information helps you feel more secure. When you can speak up, share knowledge, or just have all of the accurate information available, you are able to make informed decisions with better discernment and confidence.

______5. Salt baths: Regular salt baths are a way to cleanse and ground. Empaths often end up getting a lot of emotional energy “stuck” to them. A little sea salt in your bath can be a beneficial cleansing ritual.

______6. Mealtime rituals: Consistent nutrition is important for your overall wellness and there might be some times where you forget to eat or struggle to properly manage mealtimes. Making a ritual out of meals will allow you to feed yourself before you get overly hungry or fatigued from lack of nutrition.

______7. Record experiences: Writing down your experiences, journaling, or just taking helpful notes on the notes app on your phone gives you solid information to refer back to. You tend to live your life from a very spiritual frame of mind, and sometimes you miss important details about the mundane. Having notes to read later can help jog your memory and keep you secure in your experiences.

______8. Cosmic jewelry: Wear all of the jewelry that helps you feel connected to the universe. Necklaces, rings—all of them can help you feel creative, artistic, and alive. Dressing up for your mood helps you understand your emotions better on a daily basis. And having your crystal allies present makes each day a little brighter.

______9. Carrying your divination tools: Always bring your divination tools along with you when you are out and about. You never know when an impromptu reading could take place and this is a good way for you to find your people, make connections, and not feel so isolated.

______10. Taking space: It is important for your archetype to take space away from others to understand your own emotional experiences. You often feel merged with the people around you, therefore, creating your own energetic space or taking physical space can help you gain a better grasp of what you as an individual are feeling.