3 Steps to Becoming a Rock-Solid Empath

What does it mean to be a rock-solid empath? Becoming rock-solid as an empath means you’ve done the work by building on your most beautiful strengths while learning the importance of self-care and boundaries. It means you have acquired a sense of resilience, which you flex like a well-developed muscle in your day-to-day life. It is where we all strive to be and, more importantly, thrive as compassionate beings.

For some who might find this email most beneficial, being rock solid may seem too distant or like a dream, but it may not be as far off as you think either. It has nothing to do with where you’ve been and everything to do with your perspective of the future.

In fact, we now know, scientifically and unequivocally, that we create our reality with our thoughts and emotions. With the right mindset, change is always possible… inevitable even, and once you accept that, nothing can come between you and your goals.

So if you haven’t quite made it to rock-solid status yet, no worries… here are three steps to help you get there.  

Step # 1
Self-Acceptance & Self-Love

How to get there – You are a uniquely exquisite individual. See that. Feel that. Use the phrase “I welcome my sensitivity” as your daily mantra. And “I am capable of both vulnerability and strength, and neither cancels the other out.”

Remember… it is because of your sensitivities that you can be a compassionate, vulnerable, and conscious being.

Step # 2
Be Grateful

How to get there – Instead of concentrating on everything you did today or must do tomorrow, end each day with an affirmation of gratitude. Gratitude boosts your positivity and vibrancy and keeps you present, so you don’t stress worrying about the future.

For example, try saying, “today I am grateful for __” before going to bed each night, so you’ll wake up feeling ready to do it again tomorrow. 

Step # 3
 Develop Your Intuition

How to get there – Believe in your ability to select the right people for your inner circle and your capacity to avoid energy vampires. You’ll be able to sense when someone’s energy has changed for the better or worse through intuition. All you have to do is pay attention to your body’s subtle cues upon interacting with people.

Take note of this information. Keep company with those who inspire and motivate you—establishing boundaries with people who drain you. Sharpening your intuition takes persistence, but it pays off. Eventually, you will know who is safe and who is not early on. 

Today, delight in your ability to accept and appreciate your beautiful self without any debate from that negative voice in your head. Be thankful for all your triumphs, big and small, and have faith you can be as strong as you need and want to be.

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