Explore Sound Healing to Relieve Stress and Find Balance

Such an incredible, gentle way to bring healing to your mind, body, and soul is with sound healing.

Think of how music can make you feel so comforted, invigorated, understood. It can help you cry, feel your anger, express your emotions. Think of the sounds that soothe your soul, like waves ebbing and flowing, birds singing, children laughing, raindrops on the roof.

And think of the sounds that impact you negatively, such as loud, high-pitched, unnatural sounds, the sounds of yelling, anger, a busy city street, sounds that spark fear, trigger your adrenal response, and wrack your nervous system.

It’s impossible as a human not to be affected by sound, for better or worse. And as empaths who absorb the energy of the environment around you, sound plays an even greater role in affecting your stability and sense of yourself.

That’s why sound healing is one of the best ways for empaths to create more balance in your life because it affects you on deep, unconscious, and cellular levels to bring emotional healing.

Let’s learn more about what sound healing is and how you can use it in your everyday life to relieve stress and find more balance!

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is the process of using sound to heal mental, emotional, and physical imbalances and encourage spiritual growth.

It has been used for thousands of years spanning back into the most ancient cultures of the world, as humans have always used sound to affect change in their mood, their minds, and their bodies.

And as woo-woo as it sounds, there are psychological and neurological benefits to sound healing that can now be proven.

Sounds emit different frequencies of energy, carried along invisible sound waves, which interact with our own frequencies of energy when we hear them.

Sound healing utilizes specific frequencies known to induce beneficial effects like helping reduce pain and stress, encouraging relaxation and ease, and bringing your internal energies back into alignment. 

This happens through resonance, as a sound, vibration, or frequency emits from a sound healing instrument like a gong, tuning fork, or singing bowl, it resonates with the frequencies of your own energetic system, helping bring it back into balance. 

Sound healing is like tuning the strings of your inner guitar, bringing your chakras back into balance, helping purge all the excess, stagnant, and heavy emotional energy, and bringing back in the harmonic frequencies that are part of your natural state. 

This is why people feel more calm, relaxed, and centered after a sound healing session. And often, you can even feel energies moving and shifting around in your body as the sound healing is happening, inducing almost immediate effects.

This makes sound healing a great way to come back to a sense of balance whenever you feel overwhelmed or misaligned, unhappy, or unsure. You can simply lay back and relax, listen to some healing sounds for 15-20 minutes, let them wash over you, and come out the other end feeling more grounded, confident, assured, happy and vibrant.

Types of Sound Healing

There are endless types of sound healing, especially found in the natural world around you. But there are many beautifully designed tools made specifically for creating harmonic tones that resonate with different frequencies to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s discuss some of the easiest to access types of sound healing you can try out.

Singing bowls

Dating back thousands of years, singing bowls are believed to have originated in Nepal or Tibet, and are a beautiful sound healing tool that promotes relaxation, releases stress and anxiety, and balances the chakras.

The singing bowl works by striking the side of it with a wooden mallet and then using slight pressure as you move the mallet around the full edge of the bowl in a clockwise direction, and it will start to develop a pulsating frequency and beautiful tone.

You can do this while holding the bowl in your hand and you’ll feel its vibration move down your arm and into your whole body. You can have the bowl on the ground in front of you, or lay down near the bowl as a practitioner or helpful friend makes it sing for you.

There are metal bowls, mostly made out of brass, or crystal singing bowls made from high-quality quartz varieties. There are many bowls made to resonate with the specific frequencies of different chakras. Explore and discover which sounds resonate most with you.

Tuning Forks

Tuning forks are easy to use metal two-pronged forks that, when struck, vibrate at specific frequencies that can be used for tuning musical instruments or your own body!

These are great for physical healing, as they can be used directly on the body on certain areas of pain, or specific chakras, to bring beneficial, harmonic frequencies right into those spots.

You simply strike them with a mallet and they start vibrating back and forth, thousands of times per second, emitting a relaxing tone and sending a strong vibration through the air.

You can wave the vibrating fork above and around your body for energetic healing, or place the end of the tuning fork on your body directly as a sort of “sonic acupuncture” to create balancing effects. 

Tuning forks can be used to relieve pain, increase blood flow and circulation, get qi moving, break up scar tissue, help heal wounds, balance your chakras, and bring deep relaxation, easing stress and anxiety and restoring your natural harmony.


The gong is a type of sound therapy that has also been used for thousands of years and is exceptionally helpful at breaking through emotional blockages and releasing deep pain, stress, and trauma.

A gong’s resonance is deep, grounding, and very strong. When you experience it in person, you can feel the reverberation of the gong’s vibration moving through your entire body, into every cell.

During a so-called “gong bath”, it’s also common to have expansive mental experiences that may take you on imaginative subconscious journeys, bring up old memories that are ready to be healed, or you may see lights, colors, or other visual effects behind closed eyes.

The sound of a gong can be incredibly healing and calming, reducing stress and easing tension, allowing your energetic body to shed its blocks, for your physical body to shed its pain, and for you to step back into a sense of centered power within yourself.

How Can I Experience Sound Healing?

The absolute best way to experience sound healing is in person, either by using these tools yourself or going to a sound healing practitioner.

There are often group sound healing events at places like yoga studios, or practitioners like reiki or energy healers who offer one-on-one sound healing services, so those can be great spots to look within your own community to see if there’s sound healing offered.

You can also buy a singing bowl, tuning forks, or even a gong to start playing with the power of sound healing by yourself. These types of tools can be found at spiritual and crystal shops, or online, including ones handmade by beautiful artisans. The more love and spirit goes into creating the healing tool, the better and clearer the vibration it will hold!

The next best thing to being live, in-person with a sound healer or healing instrument, is simply to watch sound healing videos or listen to audio recordings. Sometimes a great recording with headphones on can be just as healing as being right next to a gong.

You can search online for sound healing videos or audio recordings for whatever you feel like you’re needing, such as grounding, heart-opening, or clearing your mind. Or search for specific sounds you want to hear, such as crystal singing bowls for the sacral chakra.

Sound healing is such a gentle and effective way to bring in more emotional balance. Try it for yourself and see what effects it brings for you! 

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