Visionary 10

The Visionary Empath’s daily routines & habits: who you are day-to-day

Each day’s routine is different, but your goals tend to be the same. You have specific values you live by and rarely veer off from those. You are a big-picture thinker using your ingenuity and passion to make decisions. This means you approach scheduling your daily life with the fact in mind that anything you do today has a future purpose.

You see how things build on each other, and you work on surrounding yourself with those that will support your vision. For you, this is something you consider nearly daily, and discovering how you can enact the goals you have, requires you to reflect on it regularly. You don’t spend each day absorbed in future planning, but a subtle sense of how your reactions in the present affect tomorrow tends to be in the back of your mind.

Your life is very full of activities and invites. You have work, local events, community organizing, time with friends, or other external activities to fit in. You also dedicate a little bit of time each day to checking up on current events or other news that you might follow. You like to have your finger on the pulse of what is happening, always reading, and gathering information both energetically, through your emotions, and intellectually through research.

Having a daily schedule may or may not be important to you, depending on what your life goals are. If you have a particular path you are following with clearly defined steps, then you might decide that each day needs to be more regimented. However, if the vision of your life path requires you to be more fluid, you will spend less energy on controlling the events of each day.

You do tend to overbook yourself as you don’t want to miss out on anything. Even if you know that you can’t make it to everything, your intention and desire feel otherwise, and you hope to fit everything in that you can.

You keep a steady balance between socializing, work, family, etc. unintentionally, which ends up working out perfectly for you. This helps you keep a wide network of friends and support in a variety of areas of life.

Some other routines that you like to keep are space in your day for journaling or self-reflection, some morning time to yourself, and some room to wind down before bed. You mostly give your days over to your activities, therefore, some small slices in the day just for you to breathe and relax are essential.

There might be periods in your life where you feel burnt out, at which point you might take a sabbatical if you can or re-organize your activities. You have a lot of momentum and drive to see things through, but your intuitive abilities help you know when it is time for a reset.

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