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The Visionary Empath personality in relationships, love, and friendship

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Introduction to your archetype’s personality in relationships

Relationships play a few different roles in your life. For starters, you like the stability of long-term partnerships to root you into a routine. A variety of people tend to come in and out of your life, so the long-term connections you maintain keep you tethered. You prefer to have a few core folks that keep you grounded and can be there for you to act as “your people.”

You put a lot of trust in your relationships with others. The intimate bonds that you form allow you to feel secure and supported. You love to network and meet people with similar and dissimilar interests to yours. Your personality in relationships is open, candid, and sensitive.

Your relationships take many paths and whereas you might get very close to someone for a time, you will not stay in a connection if you feel you have outgrown the situation. You will allow yourself to move on and will also be willing to put the effort in to build that kind of depth again with someone else when the timing is right.

You may have a reputation for being impulsive, but that is just you trusting yourself and your instincts to make the right relationship decisions for you. However, having a close bunch of people around you to seek advice when necessary can only serve to strengthen your point of view and offer you advice that you might need to hear from time to time.

Your archetype’s personality in love

You approach love with a sovereign frame of mind. No matter who you are with, you will not give up on your identity or path. These are important areas of life for you and your lovers need to be okay with you doing your own thing. You like to be together but separate in certain areas of life as this is more sustainable for you for your long-term connections.

You tend to be the one taking the lead. It is your preference to be directing the flow of the romantic connection. However, when you fall for someone who also likes to take the lead, then you will be willing to give up directing for a time.

Break-ups can be very hard on you, even if you keep those emotions to yourself. You are the type to end a relationship that isn’t working and should consider asking for help or outside support regarding the emotional toll that can come with the ending of a long-term relationship.

You put a lot of effort into making your partners happy and are open to receiving love from them in return. Whereas it takes a while to get to the deep emotional stuff, you do eventually get there. At first, you mostly share things in common that are external, some values, and viewpoints, which is enough to get you through the dating phase. Then the more vulnerable aspects of your personality shine through. Once here, you tend to get very attached, but you also maintain your own sense of self, which is very important to you.

Your personality is generally appreciative of a variety of relationship structures, but you do tend to land in a traditional one at some point. Overall, flexibility and passion help you achieve your personal goals and relationship desires in tandem–both being a top priority for you.

A list of traits the Visionary Empath should look for in a romantic partner

When it comes to finding the love or multiple loves of your life, you want to be with someone that can keep up with you. You tend to be a fast-paced person and give over to the restless fighter within you to keep pressing forward on things. As you are always on the move, whether physically or intellectually, it is best to have a romantic partner that is also like this or will support these sides of you.

You also do best with someone that is romantic and affectionate. The Visionary Empath wants to be appreciated and on the receiving end of someone’s indulgent generosity. You like to know how much someone likes you by their actions and their words. In return, you are also very forthcoming in your affections. Someone you can mutually be passionate and giving with tends to be the best partner for you.

Here are some things you can look for in a romantic partner:

Someone who…

  • Here are some things you can look for in a romantic partner:
  • Likes to have intellectual conversations and debates
  • Is willing to move around and explore new things
  • Has flexible goals and aspirations
  • Has high energy
    Appreciates your free spirit
  • Encourages both of you to grow as individuals alongside each other
  • Is into long-term relationships
  • Has their own active social life
  • Wants to participate in important movements
  • Likes to be very affectionate
  • Is self-aware and socially conscious
  • Has a strong personality and sense of self

Your archetype’s personality in friendship

Friendships are highly important to you, plus you tend to get a lot of attention from others so you have many opportunities for making connections. You are the life of the party and people want you at their events. Your tendency is to form a variety of bonds with people that vary from distant acquaintances to close friends.

You have multiple networks of people from your intimate partnerships and close inner circle to a being known in your local community and even beyond that.

Your friendships extend into the workplace as well as you typically make friends wherever you go. Not all of these connections are emotionally charged; some are strictly for work or networking.

Your personality in friendship is to be yourself always, but also to be aware of the underlying reason that the connection exists in the first place. Discernment of what should be brought to each connection is acutely analyzed on your end. You only share what is necessary for the relationship and don’t give up all your emotional complexity for just anybody.

The people in your life have to earn your trust. Many people who interact with you will tend to view you as their really close friend, even though you may have a slightly different experience on your end and see you both as acquaintances. Typically, you only consider a very select few people as your closest friends.

You prefer to maintain a certain public image or persona, generally to align with the goals or work in the world you are doing, and don’t feel everyone should have the opportunity to comment on that if they are not in your inner, inner circle.

Who the Visionary Empath is drawn to in friendship

When it comes to close friends you are drawn to people that are doing the same work as you. You like people who are socially aware and interested in the issues facing your community or society. You like to discuss and participate in making changes. You want to see the world as a better place, people who share these broad-minded visions are your people.

You gravitate towards others who are in touch with their emotions and expressive about them. When you see someone being true to the fleeting nature of their feelings, you feel akin to their experience. You are drawn into those who don’t deny their humanness or avoid, ignore, or explain away their truth.

You love people with serious agendas, who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves or what they believe in. In addition, you tend to find yourself around artists, activists, visionaries, and leaders. Extroverts tend to find you, even though you can appreciate all personality types, as long as people are being genuine and true to their personal values.

The Visionary Empath’s compatibility with other Empath Archetypes in friendships

Empath archetypes that vibe well with your energy are:

  • The Alchemist Empath
  • The Witch Empath
  • The Goddess Empath
  • The Healer Empath

You like people who are committed to their purpose and path in life, empaths who remain true to themselves regardless of other people’s judgments towards them. The Witch Empath is one such personality, who plows ahead, despite the odds and eccentric flavor of their goals. You appreciate the impulsive and daring nature of this type of person.

You also appreciate the authentic energy that comes through the Goddess Empath, the Alchemist, and the Healer Empath.

All of these personalities are committed to learning and understanding the physical reality that supports an everyday mundane existence. They are concerned with similar issues to you and can relate to your determined approach to making the world a better place through micro and macro action.

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