Visionary 12

The Visionary Empath personality in family dynamics


As you read this section keep the following in mind:

  • Family can be chosen.
  • Your situation is unique to you and every aspect of your life cannot be covered in a single archetype.
  • Family roles are variable and not necessarily gender-specific.

Your archetype’s personality within the family

You may have been a rebel or the odd one out in the family growing up. Your interests could have made you more adventurous, ambitious, or seemingly very mature for your age.

Being well-read and eloquent made you seem older than your years would let on. This could have impacted how the adults in your life treated you.

In addition, it could have led you to experience more adult things at a younger age. This is potentially something you are still processing and working through, maybe even doing some work around your inner child and healing these parts of yourself in some way.

Very active, you were always implementing ideas in and around your local neighborhood. You may have participated in sports teams, community groups, and local theatre as a child. Naturally, you are a performer and like to have a spotlight on you.

Your understanding of emotions came at a young age and you were highly sensitive to the energies around you, especially as they related to the adults in your life. You could always sense when something was up or off amongst your parents and family members. This helped you develop a keen sense of the psychological experiences of others and draw conclusions between a variety of events in your life.

Once you hit early adulthood, you embraced a sense of autonomy like it was your job. You may have struck out on your own or created a life in which you were calling the shots. Whether you had parents that encouraged this or not, you went forth with unstoppable self-assuredness.

The Visionary Empath as a parent

Feel free to flex the concept of ‘parent’ to your situation when reading this section.

Parenthood for you can be a life-altering experience that you didn’t anticipate. Your plans for becoming a parent may have shifted multiple times over the years. At some points, becoming a parent may have felt extremely important to you while at others not as much. If you do or have chosen to become a parent though, you approach this role with seriousness and responsibility.

You want your kids to know their opinions are as important as adults and instill in them a sense of self-identity and self-awareness. In addition, you encourage their interests and trend towards alternative education approaches. Traveling or hands-on experience is generally how you seek to impart information on them. You also are big into creativity, performance, and the arts for your children. They will be enrolled in camps and classes that allow them to learn new skills and make friends in the community.

Finally, you are a big personality, so at times your kids might feel they have to impress you. This can create some pressure within the family dynamics. Overall though, you are highly engaged, present, and sensitive to the experiences of your kiddos.