Visionary 14

Visionary Empath’s spiritual path to meaning

You find meaning in the world as it is, the fact of being human is a spiritual experience for you. A connection between the mundane and mystical is natural and not something you view as separate from one another.

To you, life is sacred and a spark of the divine, spirit, creator, or whatever you choose to call the ineffable is in everything. Your draw towards spirituality will tend to be living your life in the best way you can, making the most of what is here, and embracing the destinies that life has to offer.

The spiritual gifts you inherently have are rarely described as spiritual by you. In fact, you see your imagination, visionary abilities, and possible clairvoyance as natural to being human. This helps you become enraptured in the sublime awe of life itself with ease. When you close your eyes, your mind is active. You see images, symbols, and colors in your mind’s eye. This is clairvoyance, which translates to “clear-seeing” in French.

Your spiritual experiences are less profound to you than they might be to others. Your vast viewpoints of what potential exists here in the physical world often surpass the confines of consensus reality.

You don’t have to see something to believe it, you can feel it is there. In many ways, you feel the spirit or soul is what it is, you don’t question or deny that there is something animating existence and that there is a component to it that is something you can not specifically articulate into language. Life is a great mystery, and this is part of what makes being human so alluring for you.

Your spiritual feelings inform the work that you do but don’t characterize it.

You tend to keep your spiritual beliefs to yourself unless that is specifically what you are doing as your work. Generally, you like to have your spiritual thought and contemplation in private, only sharing these sides of yourself with a very select few people. You let your work, art, dancing, performing, leading, writing, etc. be the allegorical voice of your inner-spiritual experiences. In this way, you don’t have to outright say what your beliefs are, but can subtly lace them into your content.

Spiritual and Psychological concepts for you to explore

While you tend to not be interested in devoting yourself to a particular religion or tradition of spiritual study, you do like to incorporate some spiritual concepts into your daily life or creative process. You may study religion in an academic context as well but remain relatively set in having your own private, spiritual world views.

Mindfulness: a tool for self-awareness and calming yourself in the present moment which can be extremely helpful for you. When you ground your fleeting thoughts and physical experience into the here and now, you are able to engage with poise and charisma much more effectively. You get to know which emotions rise to the surface for you depending on what situations you are in. In addition, you get to sense the underlying feelings that you are operating with at baseline. Mindfulness practices keep you thinking clearly and deliberately when you need to be more present with what is happening.

Visionary States: Reaching a visionary state involves shifting your waking consciousness to a more dreamlike state of being. In this space, you can sometimes experience extrasensory perception, being in touch with the convergence of all things into one. You can use these states to create pieces of writing, poetry, art, music, and stories. It is believed that many creatives tap into these states and have better access to the collective consciousness to inspire their work.

This is also how some people predominantly experience their spirituality. Creation can be viewed as a spiritual experience in and of itself.

For the Visionary Empath, being able to see into the currents of spiritual energy that are informing your work in the world is one of your gateways into spirit. This is a skill worth developing if you feel so inclined.

Aura Viewing: In line with your creative skills and active imagination, comes the potential ability to read and see auras. The aura is the subtle energy field around the physical body. Each person’s aura is unique, contains a variety of colors, shapes, and subtle essences.

People with clairvoyance can often see auras around people. They aren’t seen with the physical eyes, but spiritual vision through the mind’s eye. It just so happens that spiritual vision and physical vision can be working at the same time, making these two things seem undifferentiated.

To practice seeing auras around people, ask a friend to stand in front of a white wall. Then soften your gaze by making your physical vision hazier. Attempt to see past the physical world into the spiritual realm. Notice if you can sense or see a subtle halo of light around the person (barring any eye conditions), and see if you can sense any colors or information based on what you tune into.

How to find the spirituality that works for you

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Exploring a variety of spiritualties as a form of knowledge can be very valuable to you as a person. This doesn’t mean you want to practice all of these things, but having information around them is supportive of your desire to see things through a variety of lenses. When it comes to discovering your own spirituality, you often have a pretty strong feeling about which way to go with this. Strong in your convictions, you will follow what feels right for you.

How spiritual practice can help you manage your emotions

The way you feel about your emotions is vital to your everyday experiences. You are highly tapped into what you and the world around you are going through. You might experience prophetic dreams or other visions that inform what issues are current.

For this reason, it is helpful to understand how expansive your mind really is. There are too many things going on at any single time for you to devote yourself to all of it.

Allowing your spiritual abilities to tap into the energy currents around you, to be informative but not prescriptive is useful for you. Meaning the sensations and things you pick up on to let you know what is happening but not dictate how you should act in every instance.

Sometimes, you just know things to know them and that is alright too. In order to manage the onslaught of intuitive impressions, it is helpful to view them as just there. You can use spiritual techniques to filter or block out energy if you are feeling overwhelmed. Then at other times, it can be channeled into making things or infused into the work that you do. A collection of approaches is best when it comes to accessing spiritual states and managing your feelings that come up as a result.

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How to find your purpose as a Visionary Empath: reading the signs

Developing your gifts

The Visionary Empath is a master craftsperson of their being. You are impacting the world around you by bringing your vision into the world. This starts with becoming yourself. On your life’s journey, you will encounter opposition. You just tend to attract people who want the exact opposite of what you know to be true.

Over time, you grow to become more courageous and fearless in your actions and work. You know that you have to access your willpower and strength and encourage others to be empowered as well in order to bring your vision into being.

Meeting the Revolutionary archetype helps you embrace the independent spirit that lives within you. Meeting this archetype provides you with the permission, which you don’t actually need, to push back on the systems that aren’t working for everyone.

Connect with the Revolutionary archetype: How to find and do what you love

Finding out what you love to do and how you like to spend one of your most precious resources, time, is very insightful for you. By understanding that things you do will have some element of innovation, rebellion, and nonconformity, you are better equipped to figure out what to do with your time and resources.

You are not afraid to do things that haven’t been done before or suggest things that might seem eccentric. It is a part of your unique take on things and the potentiality in how you can imagine the world to be.

How to meet the Revolutionary archetype: A visualization exercise

Here is a meditation you can try for meeting the Revolutionary archetype. This exercise taps into your psychic and willpower energy centers; helping strengthen a link between the two.

  1. Sit in a chair and close your eyes
  2. Tune into your third eye located just between and slightly above the eyebrows by focusing your awareness here
  3. Imagine an indigo dot of light at your forehead
  4. Take 3 deep breaths and on each breath imagining the dot growing bigger and brighter
  5. Now move your awareness to your naval
  6. See a small yellow dot of light
  7. Take 3 deep breaths, and see this dot grow bigger and brighter with each breath
  8. Clear your thoughts and then tune into your Higher Self or what you perceive this aspect of self to be
  9. Ask your Higher Self to call an image to you of what your Revolutionary archetype looks like
  10. Let an image form in your mind’s eye
  11. Allow it to grow clearer and more vivid with each breath
  12. Notice what they look like, what color are they wearing? Do they say anything?
  13. Try to connect as best you can with the being that came through in your mind’s eye
  14. After several moments have passed, start to imagine the energy of this archetype concentrating into the indigo dot you visualized earlier
  15. See their messages and purpose melding into your third eye
  16. Come back to focus on your breath now
  17. And as you do, imagine this indigo dot traveling downward towards the yellow orb at your naval
  18. Bring it down to pass through your heart center and towards your belly
  19. The indigo and yellow lights meet as one
  20. Let the purpose of your will and the purpose of your mind merge
  21. Feel their energies combine to help you unify these layers of Self
  22. Sit in stillness with this energy
  23. Get a better sense of how the layers of your psyche can work in tandem together
    towards a precise vision
  24. Open your eyes when you are ready to end